Cloudy Skies and Rainbows

simple charm quilt

Thank you for your thoughts and support last week with my simple charm quilt.  The finished quilt went into the mail and en route to it’s new home on Monday.  I hope it provides a hug and comfort.

simple charm quilt

On Sunday I took the quilt to the Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  I was sitting next to a new member, I’m terrible at names, she gave me a quick history on mourning quilts.  Mourning quilts were made for the family that lost someone and usually in black and white.   To balance out the colors on the front of this quilt, I opted to grab some black and white check in my stash.  Plus another black and white print with a hint of yellow.  Crazy combination but I loved the mix.


For binding I had some Kate Spain yardage but wasn’t sure that was what I wanted.  As I was digging in my stash I found this aqua blue.  It’s great with the back and doesn’t distract from the front.


Quilting was done in gray thread as I had planned.  Kept it simple as well with straight line quilting on each side of the seams.  Don’t look too closely, you can see the errors and wonkiness.

Thanks Michele for holding up this quilt.  The quilt tried to wrap around her during our mini shoot after the meeting.