Christmas Quilt Finished On Time…Sorta

christmas door decoration

On December 23rd gramma came into town to stay with us for the holiday.  She kept P entertained and I had some time to work on my Christmas Quilt.

stacked windmills modern instabee quilt

The top and pieced back were finished but needed to baste and quickly quilt.  I knew the quilting design would be meandering squares and rectangles.

When I had some time to actually baste this quilt, it didn’t go so well.  There is a HUGE wrinkle in the aqua that I could smooth out.  Screw it, it’s staying with us, I can live with the wrinkle.  As we wash it, I’m hoping it fades into the wrinklyness (that’s a word right) of the quilt.

Pay no attention to the giant wrinkle in the aqua.
Pay no attention to the giant wrinkle in the aqua.

Basted on December 23rd, started quilting on the 24th, and finished on Christmas night.  I machined that binding on as quickly as possible.  For binding I had a fat quarter of a gray with snowflakes on it.  The pattern works perfectly for this quilt.  It was pretty late, but I finished it before 12am December 26th.  That counts right?

Stacked Windmill - my favorite from the book
Stacked Windmill – my favorite from the book

Good thing you aren’t looking too closely at this quilt.  Flaws galore, but that’s not why I made it.  I wanted a Christmas quilt finally and if I didn’t finish it, it would have never gotten done.  That’s honesty.

I would have loved to photograph it over the weekend.  Apparently, mother nature decided we needed three days of non stop rain and grossness.  Didn’t she know I had a quilt to show off?  After the rain stopped and it’s kind of dried out I snuck in some photos.

Currently I’m snuggled under the quilt binging on Making of a Murderer on Netflix.  Have you watched this series at all?  I’m so mad and furious over this documentary.  Comment below if you want.

quilt in use
Yep, that’s a sippy of milk from P and my glass of wine beside it.

Thanks to my modernbeehive11 ladies for helping me create this wonderful quilt.

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