Charming Plus QAL : Picking Out Fabrics


Thank you for the great response to the announcement of the QAL.  I can’t wait to see the wonderful quilts that get made from this.  Many of you said you planned to use scraps.  Even better.  As you start selecting fabrics, you something that provides a bit of a contrast so the plus stands out.

Since I don’t have enough going on in life I’m going to make two versions of this during the QAL.  I want to use a different size square for a bundle I’ve been hoarding and I want a scrappy version at 2.5″.

Bundle Version


This Lucky bundle by Lotta Jansdotter is the winner for my selection.  It will look similar to the quilt in the tutorial once it’s completed.  Notice the similarities in the fabrics?


What do you think of this contrast?  It’s bright and will work great.

Scraps Version

I had these scraps set aside for a project in a box ages ago.  Surprisingly, they will work great for this quilt.  For the background of the plus I will use white or gray fabric.


The plus will be scrappy within each color way.  More details to come on that.  Wondering how a scrappy version may look?  Here is one from last year.

rainbow scrappy charming plus quilt (1)


Grab those fabrics and let’s see what you’re thinking.  Share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with these hashtags:




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