Charming Plus QAL : Cutting Fabrics


There are some wonderful fabric pulls happening for the QAL.  Here are a couple from Instagram this week.



You can use just about any size squares to make these blocks.  I recommend no bigger than 4″ as I have mentioned before.  This is how a baby quilt looks with 5″ squares.  It loses some effect I really wanted.  Wonder how it will look with a bigger quilt?

5" squares
5″ squares

Bundle Version

If you are cutting fat quarters, you will need more strips, more like 3-4 strips to avoid cutting more later.  I cut my bundle on the 18″ length so I could get the most of my fabric.  My squares are cut 3″.


lots of strips
lots of strips


Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Scraps Version

All of my squares for the scrap version are cut to 2.5″.



Alternate Option

Erika is working through her scraps to make this quilt.  We chatted at the Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting this Sunday.  If you want to save a step you can cut a 2.5 ” x 6.5″ strip for the middle.  See the picture below.  I rarely keep strips of fabric and just cut everything into squares when making scraps, hence the three square middle.

charming plus alternate

Next Steps

Once you have everything cut, it’s time to pair up fabrics to make the nine patch.  I love sewing in batches and operate the piecing in assembly line fashion.  To make that work, I lay each block out to make sure it’s the right look and keep stacking them on top of each other.  This cutting board is ready to place next to the machine and make chain piecing EASY.


It’s a been a rainy week here in Indy, sorry the photos are not the best light.  Rainy overcast days are not helpful for pictures in the sewing room.

Questions?  Concerns?  Comment below and I will respond.


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