Celebrate Moms Today

Mom part 2

“Mommy!” That is how my day starts from across the house. A little voice calls for me. Some mornings I greet it with a smile. Some mornings I just want to bury my head under the pillow and hide.

Motherhood is hard. It’s an ongoing challenge and has pushed me to new realms of my possibilities. I never knew how little sleep I could survive on, have patience after the same thing twelve times, and finally giving up my personal time. Whether you’re a mom who goes out every single day to work, or whether you’re lucky enough to have stay at home jobs you start to realise that it’s a difficult task juggling work, kids, a social life and some personal time into a day. The lack of personal time is the reason P will be an only child and we waited a bit to bring him into our family. Maybe it’s selfish, but being a mom has taught me to appreciate my boundaries. I may secretly have a cape hanging in my closet to use at times; this momma knows when she is at her breaking point.

baby P
That face

Last month Rob was out a town for about a week. Neither of us travel much without each other so it’s weird to be doing the day to day parental stuff without my other half. At first, I thought about all of the challenges I would face and how I would cope. What I missed was thinking about this as a chance to have that rare one on one time with P. With my new attitude I embraced the time with P. Lots of time was spent at the park in the swings, playing and just general awesomeness. By the time Rob was back I was exhausted, but completely worth it.

“Mommy go faster!”

By no means am I a mothering expert. However, I am a mother and hold my friends that are moms in high regard. I have friends in various stages of being a mom: trying everything to conceive, having baby number 3, stay at home moms, working moms, raising a newborn, coping with the loss of their child, having a child with a disability, grandmas, and aunts.

Thank you to all of my friends that are moms and the impact you have on my own mothering techniques. It’s not something I publicly declare often, but it’s worth saying. I have a friend who was a Cultural Care Au Pair in America when she was younger and she has given me so much advice on how to be the best parent I can. Hoping you know how much others appreciate you.

Also an apology to the moms I criticized for loud kids or those that were throwing tantrums. You were probably doing your best and sometimes kids are jerks. Please know I was naive to what it’s like to have a kid 24/7.

My mother-in-law is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I can only hope that I raise P to be as wonderful as her sons. Please don’t hate me for this picture, but it melts my heart.

Christmas cookies with grandmas

To my own wonderful Mom I have a few things to say. You have supported me through everything in life and gave me the support I needed. You have picked me up from the floor when I was at my worst and a devastating time in life. As time passed you helped me prepare for the next steps in life and establishing my own family. Today you get to the joys of being a grandma. Enjoy the spoils.

Being a mom is challenging but, It Gets Better. The rewards of shaping a small human into an actual person that can have an impact on this world is downright amazing. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey has in store for me.