Yelp Bazaar is Simply Amazing

Hello!  I am so giddy to write this post and share with your the wonderful vendors from the Indianapolis Yelp Bazaar hosted last night at the Central Library.  This is a must attend event for anyone that loves shopping local and small.  Six floors are packed with vendors, musicians, food, and shoppers.  If you have never been, add it to your list for next year.

While I didn’t really plan to buy much, I did pick up a few things for gifts.  Most of my shopping was for me.  Apparently our credit card is linked to my husband’s email for Square purchases.  He knew everywhere I had shopped by the time I got home.  No surprises for him.  Thanks to Melissa and Bri for encouraging me to go after a hectic week and putting up with me being all chatty.

This post has lots of photos and links over to the businesses.  All opinions are my own and I receive no compensation for promoting these businesses.  Also, I did check with vendors if I could photograph their items for this post.  

Current Favorites

Jilly Jack Designs

Wonderful prints, wrapping paper, and custom work are just some of the options available.  Jill is talented and has recently designed prints available at Target!

1606 Supply Co.

Stephanie is an example of what happens when you expand your designs and grow.  We met at quilt guild years ago.  She has evolved from quilter into a designer and print maker.  Her take no shit earrings need to be in my collection.  How cute is her display for her scratch & dent pins?  I thought this was an innovation way to repackage products and make it fun.

407 Botanicals

Bath products are one of my favorite categories of gifts to give and receive.  Who doesn’t love to be pampered?  Amy’s line of bath products do not disappoint.  I picked up the coffee and vanilla bean sugar scrub for a secret santa gift exchange.  Everyone was raving about how good it smelled.  She did have sampler collections perfect for gift giving.  Hopefully she brings them back for Galentine’s Day, which I fully support.


Andrea and Todd have the best jobs.  They get to design and create handmade monsters.  Their color selections and fabric pairings really lets the monsters stand out.  P has one of the first luchadore’s they sold.  It has held up well to some high intensity toddler wear and tear.

Crimson Tate 

What can I say about Heather and her wonderful store?  They are the most friendly quilt store and willing to help your wildest creations come to life.  Heather, David, and their entire staff always have a smile for you.  It’s the best pick me up if you ever need one.

Art Mix

Art Mix is a newly found favorite.  I came across their pieces earlier this fall at a shopping event.  There may or may not have been a “fight” for one of their serving plates.  Someone on my shopping list will appreciate my tenacity to make sure they got the piece.  Their pieces are affordable and it’s a non profit that uses art to help people with disabilities.  Last night their booth was buzzing with people and I stocked up on more of their ornaments.

Manayunk Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an amazing skill.  I love watching videos of artists on Instagram create in calligraphy, they make it look so easy.  Manayunk has put out a kit to help you learn on your own.  What a wonderful gift idea.  Last year at the Yelp Bazaar I snuck away to purchase one of these prints for my husband.  Since we met at IU, it was perfect for our anniversary.

Circle City Creations

This is another business I have been eyeing on Instagram.  She posted a hypnotizing video of her writing the feathers in prep for the Yelp Bazaar.  It was so much fun to watch, that I may have watched a couple of times.

I bought one of their ornaments to put on our tree.  Can’t wait to show P later today.

Frangipani Body Products

Tracy’s products have changed my skin.  Her shea butter softening lotion is amazing.  Yes, I’ve raved about it before, and will continue to.  She put out a deodorant for the first time this week and I couldn’t wait to see it in person.  It smells great and I need to pick some up to test out.

New Businesses to Support

It was fun to chat with these new to me businesses and learn about their products.

Lemon Tree Cookies 

Bri picked up a couple of the cookies and notes they are tasty.  Adding to my list of places to consider especially with a couple of birthdays coming up at our house.

Modern Handcraft

Nicole is best know for her Modern Hexie pattern.  She has been feverishly working and creating new items for this show.  Her stockings are adorable, if you’re looking for a gift idea.  She did tell she would post extras on her Web site over the weekend.

Harper + Ari

Their marketing is not lying, it smells like candy.  The smell was more fragrant than overpowering.  Blue Raspberry smelled delicious.  A tip we got was to cut each one in half to use in the shower.  The bigger jar is definitely a good deal.

Yellow Umbrella Designs

String art is popular right now.  I haven’t made any yet and now I really want to.  She will do classes and events as well.


Rivet Kids

I’m a sucker for cute kid’s clothes.  P will be sporting one of these creations in the spring.

Tactile Melodies

Chelsea is a talented metal smith.  Her work with copper made me stop, chat, and add to my favorites.  She even adds a few twists to her pieces.  Check out her shop and add some items to your favorites.  Her constellation necklaces are wonderful as well.  She noted she has a tiny press she uses to make them.

Knot & Thread

Their rope bowls are crisp and clean.  I had been eyeing their work before being gifted a rope bowl in the Sneaky Santa exchange with IMQG.  A few of these in a guest bathroom or bedroom would be adorable.

KG Acres Farm

While feathers are not my thing, they are Bri’s.  She was thrilled to see a booth with feather art at an affordable price point.  She tried on a few headbands and decided this one looked perfect.  Throughout the night she received many compliments on her headband.  Bri noted that the headband was actually comfortable too.

Limelight Coffee Roasters

Finally, I love coffee and so do some people on my shopping list.  I was able to pick up a bag or two for this holiday season.  The aroma was intoxicating.

Did you attend the Yelp Bazaar?  What goodies did you find?