Potholder Destash

I love potholders!  They let me play with design and fabrics in a quick way.  Running a shop, sewing for myself, sewing for others, being a mom, and full time grown up job worker is A LOT to balance.  Oh yeah I’m training for a full marathon this November as well.  Have I also mentioned I have another side business making growler bags?

Sewing and creating is what I love, it used to be my way to unwind and destress.  Lately, it has caused more stress on myself and the fun is wiped away.

Last weekend I locked myself in a cabin about an hour away from home.  The time spent just focusing on my projects and creating was worth it.  Here is a look at everything I did.

weekend projects

As my friend Andy says, “I had a moment of clarity.”  I need to get back to just creating for me.  It’s something I have pondered over the last couple of days.  At 5am this morning really thinking it over as everyone else in the house was snoozing.

Luckily for everyone else I’m going to list all the potholders I already have made and sell them off over on my Facebook page.  Prices and shipping will be posted and I will paypal over an invoice.  Hopefully they go fast and find wonderful new homes.

Now off to take some pictures of the goodies in the this bag.

potholder destash