3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 2.13

Hello Sunshines!!  How has your week been?  I hope something amazing happened for you.  Even the little things can be amazing.

Let’s dig into my 3 things from this week.

Sport Bras

Yes, I’m bringing up bras again.  You need to get fitted because it’s a game changer.  But what about Sport Bras?  Well, they do come in your bra size.  You need to know what works the best for you and your activities.

I would love to wear one of those strappy cute ones.  They offer little support and rarely does everything stay put in those for me.  If you can wear them, amazing.

Kelly K Roberts noted that Adidas came out with 43 new sport bras.  Check out her reel and her thoughts.

Let me tell you about my recent favorite….Glamorise Wonderwire Sport Bra.  

Nothing moved in this one and it was comfortable.  Shopping for sport bras is almost worst than bra shopping.  You have to think about how you’re going to be active in that bra, if it rubs you wrong, and does it provide support.

Try lots of options and find the right one for you. I’m excited to try this new one on a long run.

Here is that resource guide I mentioned last week.

Spring Wardrobe

I have been planning the items I want to add to my spring wardrobe for this year.  The goal is to be intentional with what I’m purchasing and selecting the right thing.  Starting to look now gives me some time.

Here are my items:

  • emerald pleated skirt
  • lace sleeveless top
  • gray linen dress
  • embroidered shirt
  • black pants
  • lilac or periwinkle dress
  • something floral

I have a few items purchased from Poshmark that should be here this week.  Should I share those next week?

Indoor Rock Climbing

I haven’t climbed in a couple of years thanks to Rona.  Yesterday we decided to meet up with some friends and climb.  No regrets, but my arms and shoulders are SORE today.

Before we went, I did box in the morning.  That probably doesn’t help with the soreness.

I’m not a great climber but it was a great change of pace for a workout.  I made it up a few times and tried some more challenging stuff.  Not quite like some people that were with us.

It’s on the list to do again very soon.  Plus it’s a great way to support a local business.



3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 2.6

We are dug out from our snowstorm this week.  The boys have been enjoying the giant mountain of snow that gets built up in our yard from the plows.  This week has been lots of time at home and reading.

I should clarify something from my post last week on Quilt Clothes.  I don’t care what you do with a quilt that is yours.  It’s become apparent to me that I truly don’t like quilted clothes.  After posting my thoughts I did some digging to learn from others.  Someone had the best comment that really hit me, “Does she walk around flea markets and cry at all the furniture that has been painted or repurposed?”

There are pieces in my home that I want to repurpose and guess what?  I can do that because I own them and it’s okay.  So do want you want with quilts, I’ll be over here side eyeing you.  Here’s to learning and changing your perspective.

Here is my list of 3 things from this week.


Many of my favorite bands have announced upcoming shows.  Black Keys, Decemberists, and Head & The Heart.  Scott purchased Rage Against the Machine tickets for us this summer.  Bring on concerts and being outside.


Good Fitting Bras

If you have not been fitted recently to get your correct bra size, please do so.  It’s a game-changer.  In December I was measured for the first time in forever.  It’s inconvenient that sizing isn’t more inclusive at big retailers, but there are lots of great small businesses that would love your business to buy your bras.

We went to REI and I was interested in this sports bra, but I will need to check Brooks site to see if they have my size.

Brooks sports bra tag at REI

I will work on a list of stores for the coming weeks that you can shop from and get a better range of sizes.  There are some good tik toks that list them too.  I just need to find them again.


In mid-2021 I transitioned jobs to work more in linguistics.  I work with translators and get documents translated/localized into 20+ languages.  Since we are wanting to travel to Europe in the coming years, I thought it was time to learn a language.  I chose German to start learning.  My family is part German and well why not.

Over the last 88 days, I’ve been learning and practicing German.  It’s nice that it just takes 5 minutes per day.

Have you tried Duolingo before?  If so, what language are you learning?



3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 1.30

Hello Sunshines,

We are in the middle of a cold spell in Indiana.  It was around -10 the other morning.  That’s cold.

With cold spells comes my signature hobo chic look.  Messy bun, tights or joggers, shirt, and a big boyfriend style sweater.  I complete the look with Uggs or slippers.  It’s a hot mess, but works for this season.

I’m working on a post with some goals for 2022 that I hope to have out soon.  What are your goals for 2022?

I want to be consistent with posting this year.  So, I will be sharing 3 things I enjoy in the week.  They could be anything.

Without further ado….

Traveling On

This song came up in my YouTube possible likes and they were right.  Over the course of the week, I’ve probably listened to this 40 times.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2DaXgga0KXE” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Not a Happy Family

Audiobooks are my jam.  Sitting down with a book to read, I will fall asleep.  It’s a bad habit that I don’t see myself breaking.  I found Shari Lapena thanks to a recommendation.  You should check out her Not A Happy Family if you like true crime.  It’s a story with an interesting plot twist.

Mary Fons

The quilt coat trend isn’t new and I haven’t publicly picked a side.  You guys, I hate quilt coats.  You just spent all this time on your quilt and now it’s a jacket.  Well Mary Fons has a few thoughts and digs deeper.

I didn’t realize designers were buying antique coats to “upcycle” them.  This seems very wrong and I’m glad someone is speaking up.

You can find the post here.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for this week’s favorites.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts for 2019

thoughtful teacher gifts, quiltytherapy

The time of year to get gifts for your child’s teachers and support staff at school. What do you get the people that are with your children everyday? Getting thoughtful teacher gifts can be hard. I have been at a lost for weeks and finally reached out on Facebook and got ideas from both parents and teachers.

I’d say a massage, but that seems too personal. If you are considering alcohol make sure you know the school’s rules on alcohol. Here are some suggestions for other parents that may give you some good ideas.

Ideas From Teachers:

  1. A heartfelt note. They can be a great pick me up when the day is shit.
  2. Gift cards

Ideas from Parents:

  1. A heartfelt note
  2. Gift cards to Target, teacher supply store, or any big retailer
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Cozy socks
  5. Scarf
  6. Cute tissue packs

All wonderful suggestions and ideas. Definitely adding to my list for my son’s teachers. In the past I have looked for locally handmade items or even something handmade from Porter. There just isn’t time this year.

What items would you add to the list? Add them to the comments.

The Great Purge of 2019

the great purge of 2019, fall, indianapolis, ft ben state park

Hello sunshines. I have missed connecting with you on here. Let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

So much stuff

Every feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you have in your house? I was definitely feeling that way. I looked around and realized there is stuff that just isn’t being used or is unnecessary. For October, I set a goal to get rid of the number of items that coordinated to the date. October 1st, 1 item. October 31st, 31 items. The grand total would be 496.

My goal

A total of 496 items sounded great, but I was striving for more. My goal for October was 1,000 items total. Yes, 1,000. Some questions I received were:

  • How do you have that much stuff?
  • Seriously? Where is all this stuff in your house?

How I organized

I created a spreadsheet with each day, an entry for the total, a checkmark for the items actually getting out of the house, and finally a summary of what I cleaned out. The checkmark for getting it out of the house was key. It had to go! That is the goal of this exercise. A donate bag lived by the front door.

I started with just 10 minutes per day or so. First, I tackled my t-shirt drawer, tank tops, socks, and bras. Not sure where to donate your gently used bras, then check out I Support The Girls and find an affiliate near you. My sweatpants and leggings drawer was its own task. Since I work from home, this is my to-go attire while at home.

You would be amazed by what you can accumulate over the years when you aren’t paying attention. I then tore through my closet and got rid of the clothes that fit my old body. The momentum grew quickly.

The grand total

As of this morning, the total is 1,251 items. How did I get to that number? I got honest with myself about what was sitting around the house. That stack of pavers I had a grand idea about…they can go. The file folders full of old bills, those can go. I had over 375 items just in this. Granted, they were neatly tucked away in file folders, but that’s still a lot of space.

Digging into toys, papers, and beauty products is what ultimately help me get to this number. Have you looked in your beauty products? The samples? There were so many that I had and never touched. Now my bathroom closet is less cluttered and I have an open shelf.

Looking ahead

The purge has started. I am not done yet. There are a couple more rooms and spaces I want to tackle. Starting with this gives me the motivation to keep going and see just how much I can let go.

Honestly, this was great timing. We are heading into the holidays. I don’t want to fill my house with more stuff. Instead, this has changed my mindset on what is coming into the house. I want to have more strategy on gifts and how much I consume this season.

I don’t ever envision myself as a minimalist, but I can put some things into place. Some friends joined me in this challenge and it was encouraging to watch them purge some items as well. We all struggled with those pizza cups. Either we have a pizza issue or just like those cups.

pizza cups

Fall is the perfect time to let go and prepare for the winter months. I’m going to be home more and it will be nice to enjoy the space rather than feel overwhelmed in it.

I’m going to keep track until December 31st on how much more I can get out.

My Reflections on Quiltcon 2019

Wow! I can’t just stop the post here, but that’s what I woke up feeling this morning. To be honest, I haven’t sewn much this year. My creativity has been in a slump. Getting away for the weekend was just what I needed personally and creatively.

Nashville was such an easy drive from Indy. A quick five hours, but next time I’m making sure the Bluetooth in the rental car will connect with my phone. There are some areas lacking anything but church and country music. Which isn’t bad if that’s your jam.

My friend Rachael and I had no real agenda for our Saturday at Quiltcon but both reflected last night it was the right amount of time for us. Did you see us from 10-12 helping out the amazing Heather Givans at CrimsonTate’s booth? Jen from @jenmadecrafts popped over to say hi to me after following me on Instagram. She loved the liver and onions story. Ha.

After working the booth it was time to get some food. We hit up a taco spot around the corner from the convention center. Rachael picked out a table and as I found her, I noticed someone sitting in the corner by us. No big deal it’s just Tula Pink having a little lunch chat with someone. I don’t want to say who since their conversation was more work/collab related. I totally kept my cool. As they went to leave I did thank her for creating Neptune since that is the fabric that got me started with modern quilting.

We had roughly five hours left to explore the show. We started on row 1 and worked our way through. Let’s dig through my bag and photos to reflect on my favorites from the show.

New Designers and Companies

Some of these companies are not necessarily new, but they are new to me. A couple I just really liked the direction they are going and see the need in our quilting community.

Figo Fabrics –

Let’s chat Figo Fabrics. We saw guild members posting pictures at this booth and were intrigued. This is a new modern offshoot of Northcott fabric. The hand on the fabrics is soft and their colors are on trend. I’m excited to make something with my Lucky Charms 2.5″ squares and my fat quarter. Be on the lookout for shops to start carrying their line. I like where this company is going.

figo fabrics, quiltcon 2019, quiltytherapy

Brooklyn Mojo –

There is a secret spot in my heart for hand printed designs. I mean hello I love Lotta Jansdotter. Brooklyn Mojo shared some of their designs but also some handmade items on hand. We had a wonderful conversation about products. Pantera noted that she had witnessed someone at a show that really wanted an item, but didn’t have the funds. From there she wanted to have something on the table that everyone could afford. I appreciate that.

As a maker that can be hard to have something at lower price points and still pay yourself. Because I love supporting small businesses I picked up one of her pouches.

brooklyn mojo, quiltcon 2019, quiltytherapy

Pineapple Fabrics –

Their bag sucked me in. I wanted a bag with a pineapple on it. Not many companies were giving out branded bags.

This booth was an experience. We started roaming around and noticed a number of precuts. The precuts were arranged in kits and I haven’t seen this. The idea is simple and I think genius for those getting started with quilting. Or someone like me that needs a quick project to get her sew-jo back.

Plus they are currently carrying the Paintbrush Studio solids that were recently released. They are soft and offer a huge range of colors. Bonus that Pineapple offers them at an affordable price point, or at least at the show.

Sara Parker Textiles –

Eco friendly fabrics and inks are used to create her lovely line of work. Sara Parker offers a variety of prints and I’m going to ponder some of her fabric for upcoming projects.

Quilty Decor

I came across companies making some cute signs/prints for your home or office. These make a great gift for a guild member or friends when you aren’t sure what fabric to get them. Also, nice for those that aren’t into fabric to get something for you that you may actually like or use.

Kati Cupcake –

While this designer has been around, she is branching out into prints. Kati Cupcake has cute patterns for dresses and bags. Seriously, I wanted to purchase the Hard Core Quilter sign she had. Right now I don’t have anywhere for it. However, it’s on my list once I get some artwork back up on my walls.

Crafted Moon –

Whimsical designs and saturated colors created a line I’m now adoring. I can’t show you what I bought because it’s a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. Loads of cute art prints, cards, and temporary tattoos are available on Crafted Moon’s website.

Everything Else

You guys, I need this quilt. Red Thread Studio is hosting an EPP Stitch-Along. This quilt is stunning and I want it. No seriously, I want to purchase it since I won’t recreate this one. It has drawn me in.

Red Thread, decadence

Paducah here we come. Rachael and I are adding a trip to the National Quilt Museum this year. Did you know they are hosting a 2020 School Block Challenge. If you have K-12 kids you should check out what they are doing.

We were able to score free tickets to Paducah as well.

Overall I was excited to see the quilts in the show. I was surprised by the trends that I saw. It’s a great show and so happy that we went. While I didn’t do any classes or workshops I think I found some inspiration again.

Now I need to get ready for the drive home and see my nugget. But first some true Southern breakfast. Later y’all!