Boston Terrier Voile Pillow


It’s never easy to say good-bye to a pet.  My parents recently had to put their Boston Terrier, Sweetie, down after 8 years.  We are pretty sure she developed something neurological but my parents didn’t want to put her through a lot of testing.

They were so strong about it and still have rough days.  To help honor Sweetie I wanted to make something for my parents.  We had our Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting at Crimson Tate in January and I remembered she had the perfect fabric.  Boston Terrier Voile.  I opted for the black and white version.  I cut a 4.5 inch strip as the center.   SONY DSCI called my mom and asked Black and ….?  She said gray of some sort.  This medium gray was perfect.  I cut a 1 inch strip.  My friend Lisa had added a small “border” around a block and I loved it.  This was my inspiration for the pillow.

boston terrier voile pillowI folded the 1 inch strip in half and sewed to the top and bottom of the voile strip.    SONY DSC

I added white to the top and bottom and left the little gray border out.  Maybe it’s more like piping, I’m not 100% sure.  I planned to use scrap batting to stuff the quilt so I put a small white liner in to hide any off colored batting.




The pillow is backed with some left over Kona Charcoal from the Reverse Mosaic Tiles quilt back.  Amazingly, another pillow did not put a dent in my scrap batting bag.  Luckily, I have some more projects in mind to utilize the leftovers.

SONY DSCMy parents were the best and opted to watch our two dogs and the baby for four days while we traveled to a wedding.  I gave my mom the pillow when we dropped everyone off and she loved it.

The pillow now sits in Sweetie’s favorite chair near their picture window.  She loved to sit there and look out it.  It can’t bring her back, but hopefully it provides some comfort.