Back to Sewing

Wow, these couple of weeks have been quite chaotic.  The original house we were going to buy had too many problems with the inspection.  Then it was off to find a new house.  So glad we did, everything has gone very smoothly and we should be closing next week.  Yep, I’m excited.  I’ve got the paint picked out for my super girly sewing room.

Last week I was busting out pot holders like a crazy woman.  They were the favor to the bridal shower on Saturday and quite a hit.  I emptied out my stash of them and now it’s on to my other collections. 

Still do not have my Etsy page up and going.  Using up my stash really put a hamper on that. 

I am way behind on projects and really need to get some motivation going.  As if a wedding, buying a house, moving across the country, and sewing like a mad woman isn’t enough.  I still have wedding and baby quilts to make.  Those little humans will be here quickly!! 

Off to conquer the world.  So glad I’m back.  Here’s a picture of me surving my shower weekend.  Can’t wait to see what I create this week.