Baby Shower Gifts

When I look at my personal Facebook page and see all of the baby announcements I get excited.  Porter will have so many friends in the coming year.  Like bridal showers I like to do something handmade for a gift.

baby shower picture
Decorated onesies from P’s shower.

At my shower Porter received the cutest handmade gift and it’s pretty easy to make.  A coworker made bowties and attached them to onesies with velcro, see the tutorial here.  I can dress him up in a variety of colors now.

baby in a bowtie

With all the new babies and my giant pile of scraps it was time to make some bowties for the newest little gentlemen in my life.  I did a modified version of the tutorial above.  I have a few more to make and will make a tutorial of my version later next week.

These lovely bowties were part of a present last weekend for baby shower Porter and I attended.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw a preview on Saturday.

handmade baby bowtiehandmade baby bowtiesDo you have a favorite handmade gift for baby showers?  I would love to hear.  Leave a comment below.