Baby Girl Bridesmaid Dress Quilt

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (5)

Care to play 27 Dresses?  How many bridesmaid dresses do you have in your closet?  I have really enjoyed taking a dress from a wedding a creating something for the family on their next steps.  Plus it’s a great personalized baby shower gift.

For this quilt I got clearance to go girly.  I got a glimpse of the nursery and the overall aesthetic.  LOVED it.  Plus I had some fabric in my stash that was a great starting point.

By the way…if you adore metallic colors in your fabric, now is a great time to stock up.  I knew I wanted gold metallic in this quilt and there were so many options.  The collection I curated was a great from StitchStashDiva.  Their service was perfect and their selection is comprehensive.

fabrics from stitchstashdiva

Grabbed some scraps and other fabrics from my stash to help round out this collection.  Can you guess what size I cut my blocks?

If you guessed 2.5″ you are correct.  From there I started strips of 18 blocks.  12 strips of 18 blocks gives a good size once you add borders.  I foresee a few quilts in my future without the borders though.

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (2)

It makes me so happy when I start seeing the quilt come together.  That vision is becoming a reality.

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (3)

Tip for patchwork quilts like this one:  IRON with steam.  It’s your friend, use it.  Starch could be helpful too.

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (4)

The name of the baby starts with a K, using some of the dress, I cut out the letter K.  Then went zig zag crazy.

I adore the look for the finished quilt.

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (6)

Backing and binding were mostly dress.  Do you see the seafoam green and gold arrows on the back?  I was swooning.

baby girl bridesmaids dress quilt (1)

Quilt was baby shower approved and now awaits a little girl to snuggle on.  Have you re-purposed a bridesmaid dress for a quilt?  Considering one as a gift, but don’t want to do the work?  Email me quiltytherapy @ gmail .com.