As I Turn…35

You’re all stunned by my true age.  “You don’t look a day over 28.” “Oh wow, you look amazing.”  Stop it, you’re making me blush.  I’ve gotten carded more recently than in the last couple of years.

Approaching 35 has given me some opportunities for reflection.  Not only do I look to the past, but the amazing future that lies ahead.

wp-1481771955958.jpg wp-1481771947317.jpg me as a kid










  • I have amazing parents that support me no matter what and want only the best for me.
  • Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever p and boss
  • Motherhood is amazing.  Watching this small human grow and become himself.
  • Life is full of contradictory moments and that’s okay.
  • When I met my husband years ago, I saw something special in him.  He loves me despite my flaws.young rob and tisha
  • My husband is my biggest cheerleader.  I can’t thank him enough for all of his love and support.
  • To be at my best, I need alone time occasionally.
  • Get outside, look and listen to the world around you.  You may notice something great or have an Oprah moment.  My best inspiration and thoughts come during a run or long walk.fall in indianapolis
  • It’s okay to be yourself.  For a long time I’ve struggled with being who people want me to be.  That just creates internal conflict.  What you see/hear is what you get.  I am me.dancing at my wedding
  • I’m quirky, sometimes bitchy and loving.
  • Life hands you some unfortunate events that you either crumble or rise from.  I chose to rise from some dark days that I still remember.  The days and tears still haunt me years later.  Grief and sorrow are real.
  • It’s important to talk to people and really listen.  Our world today is consumed with social media and instant connections.  Challenge yourself to dig deeper.  Get to know someone and learn.  While I talk all day professionally I struggle with this personally.  I’m working to improve that.
  • Hug, smile at, hell kiss someone you love.  It will improve everyone’s mood.
  • I promise to put my truest self out there and try to make a difference.

Now I’m going to go put on a sparkly dress and jam out to 90’s & 00’s hip hop.