Arizona Fabric from Art Gallery

Dear April Rhodes,

Your design of Arizona is incredible.  The colors blend together so well.  The prints are just the right amount of design.  I hope you enjoy this quilt I created using your fantastic line.  Quilt photos will be on the blog later this week.

This quilt was an evolution of fabric choices, layouts, techniques, and colors.  My original concept is no where close to what I ultimately created.  If you have ever over thought a project you understand.  Who hasn’t?  It can be crippling but beautiful once you finally break through.

My break through came at The French SeamArizona had been out for a bit and had my admiration.  It wasn’t until I saw it in person and felt the wonderful texture.  “It’s like butter baby,” is the best way I can describe it.

arizona fabricsOnce home the idea still wasn’t 100% concrete.  Cutting equilateral triangles in varying sizes became my starting point.  Each triangle was bordered by a one inch strip of Kona Snow (not too white or cream).

equilateral trianglesEach triangle was then bordered by one of the prints or solids.  My thought process began to turn towards a more a random look.  Here is a snapshot of the quilt on my design floor.  arizona layout on design wall From here it was a sprint to get the quilt finished in time for the Indiana State Fair Sewing Challenge on Sunday August 10th.  The theme for this year was “Inspired by Color”.  My color choice was champagne and these fabrics were just what I was looking for after months of searching and design concepts.

The fabrics were easy to work with and I’m still in awe.  So glad Art Gallery Fabrics chose this line for part of their Limited Edition collections.  I’m excited to see what you create next.

Happy creating and sewing,