A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 Finishes

This monthly challenge was a great motivator for me to write down what I wanted to make for the month and actually get it done.  Sad to see it’s going away in 2016.  However, I think the momentum will continue.

Over the year, I also found new bloggers that have opened my eyes to new ideas.  Thank goodness I added them to my Bloglovin feed.

It’s great to see my nine finishes in one place.  I’m starting a tag for my 2016 finishes to make it easier to track.  While I only set and completed these 9 projects with my goals, I was able to finish 41 sewing related projects in 2015.  That does not include growler bags or bee blocks.

2015 a lovely year of finishes


January Goal

February Goal – WIP Busting

March Goal – Granny Squares Baby Quilt

April Goal – Another WIP

May Goal

June Sewing Goals

July Sewing Goals

Holy Block A Moly

A Christmas Quilt




January Goal Finished

Habitat Improv Quilt

Granny Squares Baby Quilt

April Goal Finished

May Goal Finished

June Sewing Goal – Complete

July Sewing Goal Achieved

Holy Block A Moly Part 4

Christmas Quilt