A little piece of family history

My list of custom quilts this summer has been quite long, but this one was just a bit different.  A new grandpa reached out to me to incorporate a piece of his mother’s crocheting into a quilt for his first granddaughter.  What a lovely idea.

I will tell you cutting into another woman’s handmade work made me cringe at first and took forever to safely remove the four squares he asked for.  The nursery was being done in pinks and browns and he preferred something in solids.

While out shopping for the fabrics at the local quilt store, someone recommended a pinwheel pattern.  What a good way to keep it simple and a bit more traditional.

Here is the entire front.

Can you imagine the work that went into crocheting the center piece?

The back was very simple in a coordinating print.

Have you ever used a family heirloom as part of a quilt or project?