5 Trends From Quiltcon 2019

Hey Y’all! Greetings from Nashville and Quiltcon 2019. This is my first Quiltcon and it was amazing. So much inspiration. Stunning quilts. You can view all the winners from the show here.

However, my feet are killing me. So much walking around to make sure we saw everything in one day. I’m going to do a separate post with my favorite finds.

5 Trends from Quiltcon 2019

Faced Binding –

Many of the quilts displayed had faced binding instead of traditional binding. I’m impressed with this detail. The quilts don’t feel framed, rather they just end.

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, faced binding, quiltytherapy

Matchstick Quilting –

I honestly lost count how many quilts featured matchstick quilting. It created a stunning detail on the quilts. Is this a trend from show quilts? Also, how tired are you arms after doing this?

Some quilts featured matchstick quilting that was tight and in tiny spaces. Bravo!

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, matchstick quilting, quiltytherapy
Finite Struggle…Infinite Hope by Sarah Maxwell @sjmax105

Curves –

Bust out of just squares and rectangles, so many curves were showcased on quilts this year. They provided a movement and motion I didn’t expect. Some were appliqued and some were pieced. Are you exploring curves in your quilting? The photo below was in the small quilts. I appreciated the subtlety of the curve there.

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, curves, quiltytherapy
Self Portrait by Melanie Tuazon @melintheattic

Colored or Contrast Thread –

White thread it out you guys. Dig into your thread stash and get those colors out. Don’t be afraid to play with contrast in your thread collection, it creates an interesting dynamic.

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, colored thread, contrast thread, quiltytherapy
Complementary Convergence by Cassandra Beaver @cassandra.beaver

From Instagram it was hard to see that the faint lines are crated from thread instead of fabric. This quilt is something you truly need to see in person to appreciate.

Look at that detail

Tiny Piecing –

Upon arrival at the convention center you were greeted by the charity quilts many guilds had created. While tiny piecing was the theme for the charity quilts, this continued on throughout the show. By tiny, I mean teeny tiny. In my studio those would have gone into the trash.

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, quiltytherapy, tiny piecing
Brisbane River Dreaming by Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild

You guys I can’t even begin to describe how teeny these are. Slivers might be a better way to describe the size. Holy camoly. Can you imagine all the pressing necessary with these seams?

tiny piecing, 5 trends from quiltcon 2019, quiltytherapy
Sprinkles by Debra Jalbert @madeofhonorquilts

Finally, if you were at Quiltcon did you notice any of the same trends? Did I miss something that you saw? Just seeing these quilts online do not do them justice, you need to see these in person.

5 trends from quiltcon 2019, quiltytherapy