5 Posts I Actually Made Something From


link-love-icon250I was inspired by reading Diane’s blog and her post about what she actually made.  It got me thinking, what have I actually made versus just pinning and pining over something?

Took some time and research but here is what I have.

Envelope pillow covers for a friend in Robert Kaufman’s Metro Living fabric.  Prior to this project I had never made pillow covers.  Super easy and I was very happy with the final product.  This tutorial makes it simple.

orange pillows

We constantly look for new recipes to try especially for Sunday Football.  We tried this recipe/technique a couple of years ago and have used it ever since.  Mini omelets in a muffin tin.  Works out great for us.

Nursing pads were an essential for me when I was nursing.  I had seen something on Pinterest and used it for inspiration.  These were so soft and comfortable.  There are many new mommas in my life and these will make great for the mom gifts for their upcoming showers.

nursing pad tutorial

This disaster of a quilt should be submitted over to Pinterest Fail.  Granted my coworker suggested the quilt for her son but I still took it on.  Epic failure on my behalf by not zig zag stitching around the monkeys.  Apparently I didn’t read ALL of the directions and made my own modification.

scrap monkey quilt (1)

Finally Oh, Fransson has been a big inspiration for a number of my projects.  Her modern style and fabric choices are wonderful.  I hope to someday get to an event to actually meet her.  Using this charm pack tutorial I whipped up this quilt.  Even quilted it with pretty straight lines.

hullabaloo quiltHowever I’m striving to complete more things that are inspiration for me.  Feels so good to finish a project, especially one I’ve been drooling over for months.