5 Blog Posts I Almost Didn’t Publish


Writing a blog with good content is challenging.  How do I keep my readers engaged in what I’m working on or putting out there?  Does anyone even care?  When I first started this blog I wanted it to just be about what I was sewing and creating.   Going back and reading some of the earlier posts is pretty blah.

However it’s so much a part of my life that from time to time I get more personal.  Now I don’t mind sharing as much and letting readers into my life more.  There isn’t much separation from quilty to Tisha most days and I like that.

When I saw the challenge for this week of 5 Blog Post I Almost Didn’t Publish a few came to mind immediately because they are really about me and heartfelt.  Especially this first one.

father in law on my wedding day

A Win Can Be So Bittersweet – This is in response to my father in law passing very unexpectedly and the NY Giants going on to win the Super Bowl.  I had supported my husband through the hardest time of his life and I needed an outlet.  It was hard for me to write and I cried during it.  My husband didn’t realize how much it had affected me until he read the post.

scrap monkey quilt (1)

Disaster of a Quilt – Pressing publish on a quilt that was a disaster isn’t easy.  Why did I want to showcase that?  Well I wanted people to see this is what really happens behind the scenes.  Sometimes a project is going well then BAM!

my first quilt

My First Quilt – This post pretty much goes along with the one above.  That quilt was terrible and not my best work.  We all have to start somewhere and my skills have developed so much more than 12 years ago.

Quilty Has Gone Green – What does that really mean?  I thought it was exciting that my home is ran on 100% renewable resources.  Most people probably don’t care, but there is someone out there that wants to give me a virtual high five for letting them know.

cute porter

Everything Has Changed – Another personal post about becoming a mother.

While it was hard to write these, looking back I am happy that I did.  You get to see a bit more about me and my journey to where I am.