3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 4.12

Hello Sunshines.  Is it starting to feel like Spring near you?  It is finally feeling spring-like in Indy.  Weather today is sunny with low 60’s temperatures.  Perfection.

Good thing as both boys are starting spring sports.  Bring on the soccer and baseball games.  Our schedule will be full.

Last week was brutal.  Everyone was sick at this house and we are just kicking it.  So many tissues were used to combat the runny noses and watery eyes.  I’m glad we are healthier and back on track.  They only thing I was enjoying last week was naps.

You Can’t Be Serious

I’m not the best at sitting down to read a book and it’s never been my style.  Now, an audiobook I get behind.  Especially with a great narrator.  On a recent autobiography kick I came across Kel Penn’s book.  You Can’t Be Serious walks you through is childhood, college days, breaking into Hollywood, his political work, and ever so briefly touches on his dating life.

How are we still treating people like he was in the 2000’s?  Luckily he notes, it’s gotten better and newer generations are benefiting from his work.

What I enjoyed the most was Kel recounting his work with the Obama campaign and his time in the White House.  He talks about election night and all the emotions he felt when Obama won.  As someone who’s a sucker for sentimental moments, I got teary-eyed listening to it.  No, it wasn’t me being sick, but I recall that night so well.  It was historic and glad I was able to witness it.

Grab a copy or listen.  It would be a great easy read for a pool or beach.

Swanson Fabrics

We used to have these wonderful craft upcycling stores in Indy.  I loved to go in and grab something especially if I didn’t want to go all in as a hobby.  I just wanted to dabble.  Also great if I was looking for a unique fabric or trim and I wanted to keep costs low.  This is where I went for homemade holiday decor too.  I could get everything I needed at a fraction of the big store costs.  Porter’s Slimer costume was all sourced from one of these stores.

homemade slimer costume, irvington halloween festival

They have unfortunately closed their doors.

Enter TikTok.  I’m on there and have found some really great creators I had not found on Instagram.  Enter Lexi.  She is a creator that was sharing an entire series on buying fabric second hand online.  She mentioned Swason Fabrics and I went to check it out.


This week you can read more about Swanson Fabrics on the Craft Alliance site.  Yeah for second-hand options, yeah for online options, and yeah for promoting this.

Quiet on Social Media

I have intentionally taken a step back from posting as much on Social Media.  It has been a nice break to not feel pressure to create.  Instead, I have been quietly working away on a few things.  Look for a quilt show soon as there is a stack slowly forming in my studio.

There have been so many conversations around comparing yourself to others or that FOMO feeling from social media.  My Instagram following is curated around creators in sewing, quilting, DIY, and those that inspire me.  I want it to be a fun experience if I take the time to get on there.

At one point I thought I would pursue being a creator more and in all transparency, I just don’t think it’s my thing.  I love sharing the behind the scenes of a project.  I love talking about a project, but I don’t love that inner feeling that comes from feeling like I HAVE to.

I make and create because I love to and want to.  I share because I think it’s good for people to see that not just old ladies make quilts.

That’s mostly why I started this series on the blog.  Sharing what I found this week, what I’m loving, and maybe something that inspires me in hopes that it can inspire others.