3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 3.28

Hello Sunshines.  The last month has been head down on work and taken a lot of time away from the things I typically enjoy.  That’s the ebbs and flows of being at a startup.

Shop Small

It is no secret that I love supporting small businesses.  One thing really irks me about others when they see a small business making something and/or their pricing.

“I can make that for less” or “I can buy it for less at X store”

Go right on ahead.  Will the item be unique?  Do you have all of the supplies to make this and make it well?  Or will it end in disaster and supplies just crowding a closet?  Are you really gonna make it?  Would it really be “cheaper”?

Not everyone appreciates a small business and just want the best price.  That’s okay.  BUT…keep the comment to yourself!  That vendor is gonna hear it tons of times that day.  You should praise their work, putting themselves out there, and the artristy they have.

Can you make that item exactly?  Probably not.


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In other words, don’t be a jerk, just move along.

Are we ready for a dog?

We are not ready for a dog yet.  We recently dog sat for my in laws.  It was wonderful having a dog in the house.  It’s a long term commitment I’m not ready for yet.

Lulu was fun.  She loved sleeping on Porter’s bed.  She could see everything happening in the neighborhood.

So, we will continue to be a family without a dog.

We are ready for Spring

We woke up on Saturday to snow.  What in the world?  Our family is ready for the warm weather that spring brings to Indiana.

Warmer weather means flowers to me.  My mom gave us a ton of seeds in 2020 for a flower garden.  With the moves we opted not to plant them.  On one of the nice days recently we freshened up the little garden bed out front.  All of those seeds were dumped into this bed.

Let’s see what grows.

We may get nothing or this could bloom into something wonderful.  Now we wait.