3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 2.6

We are dug out from our snowstorm this week.  The boys have been enjoying the giant mountain of snow that gets built up in our yard from the plows.  This week has been lots of time at home and reading.

I should clarify something from my post last week on Quilt Clothes.  I don’t care what you do with a quilt that is yours.  It’s become apparent to me that I truly don’t like quilted clothes.  After posting my thoughts I did some digging to learn from others.  Someone had the best comment that really hit me, “Does she walk around flea markets and cry at all the furniture that has been painted or repurposed?”

There are pieces in my home that I want to repurpose and guess what?  I can do that because I own them and it’s okay.  So do want you want with quilts, I’ll be over here side eyeing you.  Here’s to learning and changing your perspective.

Here is my list of 3 things from this week.


Many of my favorite bands have announced upcoming shows.  Black Keys, Decemberists, and Head & The Heart.  Scott purchased Rage Against the Machine tickets for us this summer.  Bring on concerts and being outside.


Good Fitting Bras

If you have not been fitted recently to get your correct bra size, please do so.  It’s a game-changer.  In December I was measured for the first time in forever.  It’s inconvenient that sizing isn’t more inclusive at big retailers, but there are lots of great small businesses that would love your business to buy your bras.

We went to REI and I was interested in this sports bra, but I will need to check Brooks site to see if they have my size.

Brooks sports bra tag at REI

I will work on a list of stores for the coming weeks that you can shop from and get a better range of sizes.  There are some good tik toks that list them too.  I just need to find them again.


In mid-2021 I transitioned jobs to work more in linguistics.  I work with translators and get documents translated/localized into 20+ languages.  Since we are wanting to travel to Europe in the coming years, I thought it was time to learn a language.  I chose German to start learning.  My family is part German and well why not.

Over the last 88 days, I’ve been learning and practicing German.  It’s nice that it just takes 5 minutes per day.

Have you tried Duolingo before?  If so, what language are you learning?