3 Things I’m Enjoying This Week 2.20

Well hello, sunshines.  Can you believe February has 8 days left?  That means we have a birthday coming up at our house and someone is excited.

This week’s favorites are more personal.  So let’s jump in.

My mom’s peach cobbler

Today I was visiting my parents and my mom made her peach cobbler.  I brought some home and will probably have it for breakfast.  It’s one of those things that I haven’t tried to make because I just like my moms.  So when I do have it, it feels special.

I do know her recipe just in case.

Excuse the poor lighting, I needed a picture before it was all destroyed.

We were discussing the best ways to eat the cobbler.  She likes it with ice cream.  I like it with some milk.  Similar I guess.  Is there really a wrong way to eat cobbler?

More rock climbing

Buckle up shoulders, we have more climbing in our future.  I took Porter rock climbing this week to use up the last of our Groupon deal and he loved it.  (Reach out if you’re in Indy and want the details) He did not stop and just kept going.

He had no fear.

He’s ready to go back ASAP.  Deal kid.

Closet Purge

While looking for my items to round out my spring wardrobe I decided it was necessary to evaluate what I had.  Since I have worked from home long before the pandemic, my wardrobe is really lacking.  I’ve been rocking the hobo chic look for a while because I could live in tights.

Those days are coming to an end and going back to the office occasionally is in the future.  I collected quite the bag of stuff that I’m not totally in love with.  When doing a closet purge, I let the bag sit for a few days.  If I go to look for that item in the next few days, then I still have.  However, most of these pieces, I haven’t worn in a bit.  Time to make space for something new.

Do you clean out your closet with the change of seasons?