3 Places for Quilty Inspiration…The Last One May Surprise You

3 Places for Quilt Inspiration by quiltytherapy

3 Places for Quilt Inspiration by quiltytherapy

Inspiration for your next quilting project can come from anywhere. Since my phone is with me almost everywhere I can document things as they catch my attention. I have quite the collection from the last couple of years and I want to share with you some of my favorites. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.


Whether indoors or outdoors, a mural really brightens an area. I have stopped in my tracks on a run to grab a photo, like the one below. A community center in San Mateo, CA has this lovely on their wall.

This mural is at Big Lug Canteen, a newish brewery in Indianapolis. It’s bold and fresh. It could be a quilt design.

Watercolor murals are sprinkled around the Indianapolis Airport. The colors melting into each is my favorite part. Interestingly, I think this looks like a slide under a microscope. Thoughts?

If you have traveled to iconic spots in San Francisco you may have seen this mural. It sits on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Stunning, yet I wonder what other murals may be painted underneath it?

A concert backdrop is another form of a mural. The Decemberists caused quite a stir with this album cover. It’s an interesting read on an often talked about issue with quilters. It’s still an inspirational piece.

Building Architecture

The Brooklyn Bridge may not look like much inspiration to most people. I see stunning straight line quilting and creating that small swoop with the supporting cables.

Back on the west coast visit Alcatraz to find this rusty gem. Again, I see some quilting details to work into a project, a wonky crosshatch.

In Key West this wall could be a quilt pattern. I had almost forgotten about this picture until I was digging into some photos from my honeymoon.

Restaurants – especially the bathroom tile

Restaurants house some of my favorite inspiration. Nada, here in Indy, is filled with color and stunning tile work. This is a floor and I feel bad for walking across this beauty.

I was giddy when I saw this in the bathroom over the weekend I bet if you put this with any glass shower doors in a home bathroom it would look great. Stunning. It could be a quilt back that I would put together. Yes, I took my phone to the bathroom. I have missed out on some interesting tile work in breweries and restaurants without my phone. It’s an overlooked area for inspiration and someone carefully put together the look of that room.

Speaking of brewery bathrooms, this is from one in Pittsburgh. I would love to remember the name, but we visited five to seven breweries that day. No way could I keep them all straight. So much color goodness.

I had to stop in traffic in Cooperstown, NY to get this picture. It’s greasy spoon diner we have been to a few times. Everytime I’m drawn to the stained glass window. Last trip out, I yelled from the back seat for my husband to stop and jumped out to grab the photo. Worth it.

Where do you find your quilt inspiration? Anywhere unusual? Share below in the comments.