3 Cheap or Free Date Nights

Anyone else on a budget in 2024? I put myself on a budget to help work towards some big financial goals this year. These are my favorite cheap or free date nights to have with my husband.

Indoor Rock Climbing

We tend to be a more active couple and are looking for things to do around activities. We both enjoy indoor rock climbing. Lucky for us, there is a facility nearby. Bonus that they regularly run Groupon deals. This is a great activity to have other friends/couples join you as well.

Our kids also enjoy climbing and regularly ask to go. An additional bonus, you work your arms, shoulders, and back during climbing.

If harnesses aren’t your thing, you could try bouldering as an option. It’s similar but the walls are built differently. Plus, the walls don’t go as high. There are large mats below to catch you as well. Check it out as an option.


We like to hike year-round and regularly visit state parks. One of my favorite hikes was right before Covid shut the world down in 2020. We ventured to a new to us park, tried a hard trail, and followed it up with a lunch in my college town.

Literally, a week later we were in lockdown and the world changed. Getting out and hiking was one of our go-to activities during Covid as well. Being outside and enjoying nature was good for all of us.

Getting to sit here and listen to the water over the rocks is soothing. There are several videos on my phone of this for those times I need to reset.

If you’re wanting to hike regularly, I encourage you to look into some hiking boots. You can find some for $80-$100. Also, look into a good pack you can take with you. Do you need them for every hike? No, but definitely for hikes that could be over an hour.

Minor League Sports

Indianapolis is home to minor league baseball, hockey, and soccer teams. We are getting an indoor football team as well in 2025. Tickets are reasonable for a date night and provide great entertainment.

We will hit 1-2 games each season. Look for promotional nights or additional specials to get the most for your money.

The crowds are great. Lots of engagement and giveaways. How can I ride on the back of the Zamboni? It’s on my bucket list.

Bonus Idea

My husband and I play Pokemon Go together. I started in 2018 as a way to get Porter and I outside, staying active, and something free. As a mom, I like that you can’t message “friends” in app. We have explored parks and interesting parts of the city by participating in challenges in the game. While you do need to engage with the app, they do encourage a lot of walking.

My son learned math and negotiation from playing. It’s been nice to have this as something the four of us all know about.

Now, my husband and I play together. We chat strategy and make time to get out during challenges. It’s cute and fun, plus free.

Do you have any cheap or free date nights you enjoy?