2021 The Year of Gratitude

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Hello Sunshines!  I have missed you on the blog.  There are tons of posts in draft, but I didn’t finish them.  We can all agree that 2020 was a doozy.  So many things started and not much finished.  As we move into 2021 I decided to write more again and share my journey.  This year I have chosen to focus on Gratitude.

Quick 2020 review

Here’s a brief overview of what happened in 2020 to that guided me to my word for 2021.  January brought an immense amount of grief and loss.  February brought my son’s school fundraiser that we had on 2/29.  Good thing because the world shut down shortly after.  March brought happiness and frustration with birthdays and elearning.  April through May was a blur of elearning and managing my workload.  Then in May we sold my house.  We found our dream home.  In June I messed up our timeline by painting the wrong color as a touch up all throughout the house.  I also joined the council at my church to help make decisions on how our church evolves.  July we sold another house.  August we moved into our home and started elearning again.  September through November was another blur of elearning and work.  Some hikes were thrown in and lots of outdoor time.  December was peaceful and slow.

I even took some time off from work, which I rarely do.  In that precious downtime, I started thinking about what I really wanted going forward.  On my birthday I attended a goal-setting workshop with the talented Erinn Bridgman.  She had us do an exercise that at first I thought was going to be hoaky.  However, it stayed with me and led me here.  She asked us to envision ourselves five years from now.  What did you talk about and feel?  Tisha five years from now was so light, radiating gratitude, and was so happy.

Gratitude journey

I thought about myself in the future, which I have NOT done in a long time.  Life has caused me to be too focused on the now and hasn’t allowed for much planning.  The end of 2020 helped me start looking forward and how I truly envision my life.  I want to be that gracious woman in the future.  Life has given me so much and I need to be thankful for it.  How do I start this gratitude journey?

My friend gave me a gratitude journal early last year.  It got put up because I wasn’t ready for it then.  Now, I am ready to start focusing on that.  The intention is to work through the prompts after the kids go to bed.  Why then?

gratitude journal, quiltytherapy

I’m already upstairs and near my room.  The book lives on my nightstand now, so it’s out and easily seen.  Great!

Personal goals

As I started writing this I opened the only page of the gratitude journal that I did complete.  Personal Goals.  Wait, I filled this out?  Okay, what did I focus on in February 2020?

In six months pay off consumer debt…check!

In one year have X in my savings account and an additional X for safety…check!  I’m not disclosing those numbers publicly.

In five years have traveled to Europe, be planning another trip and have $25,000 in savings.  I will share that number because I’m working on it and well it’s going to take some time.

No wonder me in five years is full of gratitude.  She’s been released of consumer debt and working towards bigger and bigger goals.  She has gotten new experiences and traveled.

Moving forward

As the year progresses I plan to share my gratitude endeavors.  I hope to focus on all the areas of wellness as well:

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual

This is a journey for sure and the course is not totally mapped out yet.  I know where I want to end up in five years and understand these are long-term changes.  You can’t change your mindset in a day, this will take lots of work and evaluation.

What are you working on in 2021?