1,000 Push Up Challenge

1000 push up challenge

You read that number correctly.  I firmly believe you can do 1,000 push ups in March.  Rachael and I were talking at the gym last week that push ups will change your life.  It’s almost tank top season, time to work those arms.  You really work so much than your arms which is the best part.  You work your chest, back, glutes and abs.

There are 31 days in March.  You can fit 32.25 push ups into each day.  Make it work the best for you.  Maybe the first few days is only 10, we all have to start somewhere.  I will be tracking my progress throughout the month and sharing.

I made a quick calendar in word and have it posted up in my kitchen.  I’m going to make an X for each set of 10 that I complete.  100 Xs = 1,000 push ups.

1k push up challenge

Ready to join me?  You can do this!  Think of how you will feel in 30 days after completing the challenge.  Send me a picture of your completed calendar of 1,000 push ups and I will send you a small reward.

quiltytherapy at gmail dot com

Share you progress with the hastag #1kpushupchallenge throughout the month.

1,000 push ups will change your life