The 100 Day Project Wrap Up

The 100 Day project

This experiment is becoming harder to remember daily.  While the overall experience is more important to me and it’s given me a better perspective on things, life gets in the way.  Sitting down every night to write about the good in the day didn’t feel honest.  Some days were a stretch.  This is the 100 Day Project wrap up.

Since I have been looking at grace and positivity and feel like there is something missing in this.  You guys, I launched an application while the project was happening.  Things were stressful and chaotic.

This post came resonated with me earlier this week.  “You Can Do It!”  Damn right I can, so can you.  Stop now and read that post, you will thank me.  There are highs and lows that offer the opportunity for growth.  While the article focuses on small businesses, it’s important to remember your friends and support network have your back too.  This post has been weighing on my heart over the last few days.  Weighing on me in a good way and it gave me pause.

What I learned

While I continue to look for great things everyday, not everyday has great things.  Some days are a stretch for even the most optimistic person.  Shaking the pom poms daily can be tiring because the truth isn’t there.  There are lows and challenges we face each day.  Positivity helps push us forward into a better balance.  However, ignoring the lows seems fake.

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Being fake is not the intention of this blog.  Sharing the truth behind projects and life is more important that some 100 day challenge.

In yoga class recently the instructor said something that just stuck with me.

Celebrating positivity is wonderful and the world needs more of it.  Without discomfort there is no growth.

  • Growth is more important.
  • Growth provides a lasting impact.
  • Growth makes the world better.

My life has seen growth and change over the last couple of months in positive ways.  I want to get back to sharing balance instead of just the great things.  Grow with me.

What have you do recently that makes you uncomfortable?  What growth do you want to see?