10 Quilty Secrets

Amy’s post last week about her quilting secrets was a breath of fresh air. I’m supposed to be working but instead I’m reading everyone’s little secrets. They have made me laugh and say “I Agree!” Plus I’m kinda ticked off at my internet company for having an outage and not being able to do my grown up job.

13 Spools

Thanks to my neighbor’s WiFi password I can vent my frustration on here.

1. I iron and don’t press. Many people have said this but I’m still really unsure what “pressing” is versus ironing. Either way I’m still making the seams flat, right?

2. T-shirt quilts really irk me. I am currently working on two for almost two years and they suck my creative juices right out of me. After these two I’m done with them.

3. I love to buy a fat quarter bundle or charm packs of a fabric line. That way I get a little of each and easy to store. Yardage is usually for a specific project. Plus if I’m either way on a certain fabric, I’m only out like $10 instead of $75.

Many charm packs from 2013 that still aren't used.
Many charm packs from 2013 that still aren’t used.

4. My friends, family, and fellow local quilters are my greatest cheerleaders. Sometimes I would like a pat on the back from outside of my circle. To put some good juju out there I’m trying to comment on more people’s blogs, IG, twitter, etc. You can’t say good job enough. Communication is essential to get the word around and also to listen to hear what your customers want, a t shirt quilt company is great when there are many involved and everyone is on board to communicate effectively with each other.

5. The quilts I make are supposed to be loved and used. Machine binding, edge to edge straight line quilting and the disappearing nine patch are my go to. It’s generic but the people receiving it have no idea I’ve made 42 disappearing nine patch quilts before.

6. I like reading about trends and seeing everyone’s work but I’m usually way behind on trends. I’m too busy doing my own thing, not like a pattern or tutorial will just disappear.

7. My scraps are getting to be out of control, but I’m too lazy to decide what to do with them. I may just make some grab bags and put them on the blog.

There are at least 3 more bags like this.
There are at least 3 more bags like this.

8. I love supporting local quilt shops and frequent many of them around Indy. However one really ticked me off years ago and I refuse to go back. I told the owner about the poor customer service I received and she brushed it off.

9. Hubby is a huge and support help for me. We talk about fabric, layouts and designers. When we walk into a quilt store he usually asks, “Is this Moda?” I ask for his feedback a lot and he has helped with some of my best projects.

10. I love buying fabric online too. Over the years I have found a few shops that I love to scour their discounted fabrics and find some good gems. However, I will never reveal them. I don’t want you snatching up all the good stuff because I’m a fabric hoarder.

PS I can’t explain myself in one sentence obviously 🙂

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