10 Different Blog Post Ideas for Quilters

It’s great to show off projects that are completed on your blog.  It can also be nice to share some other things that it takes to make a project or keep your sanity while creating.  My blog was started to talk about the journey, the emotions, and the whys behind a quilt.  Really to tell the story of how that project came to be.  We stretch ourselves creatively with new projects and techniques, let’s try the same with blogging.  Find your voice and tell a story to your readers.

My most popular posts tend to be where I go into detail and share about the journey.

Here is a list of 10 blog posts that may challenge you to get out of your comfort zone with blogging.  Pin this to save for later.

Blog Post Ideas for Quilters, #blogging #ideas

  1.  The one post you almost didn’t share.
  2.  A tool or technique that you really want to try and haven’t.
  3.  Shows you watch or podcasts you listen to while sewing.
  4.  How to get your sewing mojo back.
  5.  Best thrifty finds for your sewing needs.
  6.  Organization for multiple projects going at once.
  7.  Why do you quilt?  What motivates you to create with fabric?  Have you ever told your readers?
  8.   Favorite designers and what draws you to their style?
  9.   Fabric you just can’t cut into.  I know there is something in your stash that you get all nervous about just thinking about cutting.
  10.   One thing the quilt police would bust you for.

You can look for these topics to be featured on my blog in the coming weeks to months.

Anything you want to hear about first?  What other topics do you think would be fun?