Which do you like better??? – Giveaway

Okay readers I adore both of these quilts.  However I want would like your feedback as to which you like better.  Is it color, placement, what is it?  Comment by Sunday October 21st at 11:59pm EST to be entered in a giveaway.

Quilt #1


Quilt #2

One lucky winner will receive a set of potholders in their favorite quilt.  I saved some scraps from each.

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17 Replies to “Which do you like better??? – Giveaway”

  1. #1, it’s the colors, for me.

  2. #1. I love the pink and red, colors you don’t usually choose.

    1. I know! I totally love the color combo though. It’s got me thinking for some more projects in the future.

  3. hmmmm… that’s tough! I’m not normally a floral person, so the patterns in quilt #2 appealed to me most. They are both beautiful though!

  4. #1 although I tend to lean not to pastel

  5. I love the green and blue one. I really just like the softer colors of the greens and blues as compared to the reds and pinks. But both really are very pretty!

  6. I like #1 better. I think it’s the color that appeals to me. Both are beautiful!

  7. #1 is my favorite because of the bright warm colors.

  8. Quilt #1. The colors used seem to give it energy

  9. I like #2. I love how the green, blue, and orange contrast yet go together. They are both beautiful though… As always 🙂

  10. I love #1, the color is vibrant! Both are beautiful though and show your artistry!

  11. I like #1 , I think the placement is good.

  12. Quilt #1 – Reminds me of strawberry shortcake!

  13. #2 for me, more to my taste in colors. As a beginner quilter this is what I wish I could make. Both are beautiful and I’m so jealous of your talent.
    God Bless !

  14. I’m diggin’ Quilt #2. There are a variety of colors, but you can still tell it’s for a boy. Plus I like the color placements of the blocks. 🙂 Whereas Quilt #1 is just too much pink/red…perhaps if there were a few more neutrals between the pink/red it would be winner. But alas, I vote for Quilt #2! 🙂

  15. I love #1. #2 is beautiful but the placement in one with the pops of white and orange screams to me!

  16. #1 – love the pink and red together.

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