Tiny Scrap Quilt – Update 1

There could be multiple updates on this project since I’m just not feeling the overall design.  Over the weekend I was prepared to add white around the blocks that I had already pieced.  I was going to buzz right through them and then add a gray border.

Well I buzzed right through them and then went to press the seams.  Reality set in.

The truth is I hate that white border now.  I was only able to add to two sides and after pressing I stopped.  The white is drowning out all the color in the tiny blocks.  I wanted it to create a frame.

For now I have not ripped off the white strips, but it is very tempting.  Another idea is floating around in my head that I may try.

Creating with no pattern

Since I like to freehand create quilts and let them develop organically, this happens quite frequently.  Typically, I can work through the design and be happy with the results.  When a quilt has no pattern, I get to stretch myself creatively.  Improvising challenges me to work through the creative process.  It can be frustrating to hit many roadblocks, but I’m not going to put out a quilt that I’m not pleased with.

Further ideas

I have been contemplating the next steps for a couple of days.  One design that I keep envisioning is more simple.  Rather than frame the little squares in white, let’s skip that portion and just frame in gray.  From there I would float the framed squares around the quilt.  Maybe this needs to be bigger than a baby size to play with scale more.  Check back next week to see where I have taken this project.


I’m open to suggestions if you have any input.

Tiny Scrap Quilt intro 

5 Replies to “Tiny Scrap Quilt – Update 1”

  1. Love the pretty squares! Maybe the white border would work it was half the size of the squares or smaller. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt top!

  2. Your border looks too big for those wee squares. Try a scrappy 16patch then add a border? And I like adding a larger border and having room to cut it down if it’s too big.

    Good luck!

  3. I like the white. Keep going with it. Put grey or some other color (or use white) on the opposite sides maybe different width, just to keep it modern. All those pretty fabrics floating is going to turn out better than you imagine. Of course I don’t know what you want your final outcome to look like.

  4. Or stagger the four patches. Just another idea.

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