September Fabric Budget


The fabric budget is in trouble.  $14.61 left until I sell some quilts.  As you may recall the Icy Waters quilt used this much of my budget.


Ouch.  I almost cried at the checkout.  That is with me using three fabrics in my own stash.  However, I do have a good amount of fabrics left over that I can piece the back.

Also last month I picked up some fabric for the Michael Miller Challenge for Quilt Con 2017.

Guilt fabric almost ruined my precious budget.

In all transparency I did purchase another yard of fabric for some upcoming boy quilts.  I wasn’t going to add this to the fabric budget at first.  It was bought more of a sympathy yard from a store that I popped into.  I felt bad walking around for a bit in this quilt store and not buying something.  Ugh, a guilt yard was bought.

Have you bought fabric out of guilt??

There it is…$14.61 left until I sell some quilts.  I can do this and make it work, I have two more months. 


3 Replies to “September Fabric Budget”

  1. Budget might be ruined but seriously everyone’s rash can make between 5-10 great quilts

    1. I think I could easily make 10-20 quilts with my stash.

  2. I have bought a “guilt yard” at many shops.When I do the shop hops, I feel like I cannot go in and just have my passport stamped and leave, so I buy something at every shop I go into. So my stash is overflowing with fabrics that are so pretty, but I have no plan for,yet.
    Good luck on selling some things to replenish your fabric budget!

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