Scrappy Solids String Quilt

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Last winter I had the wonderful idea to make 100 8 inch string blocks with my solid scraps.  Totally feasible and a great way to use up my cloth grocery bag bursting at the seams of scraps.  In reality I made 42 and am happy with that.  That large bag stuffed with solid scraps.  Still overflowing, but slightly more manageable.
That bag of scraps has so many colors and shades hiding in it.  By block 35 I was getting worried the blocks started to look too much alike.  I was gravitating towards certain colors.  This is supposed to be random and scrappy.  42 was the right number to stop at and make a baby quilt to have on hand.
With a string quilt, turn your stitch length way down.  No, a little lower.  When you rip the paper off it can loosen stitches and even pull some.  UGH, it did happen with this quilt.  My hope after washing and drying the quilt is that everything will shrink a bit and those stitches will tighten.
For quilting, I wanted something a bit dense to help adjust for some errors.  Straight lines criss cross over the quilt gives texture and hides most flaws in the crinkles.  At the retreat I machine bound this quilt but wasn’t happy with the overall look.  Last week I ripped out the stitches and hand sewed the binding to the back.  Now I’m much more pleased with the finished quilt.
I tend to wash quilts by themselves to help avoid colors running onto other items.  With this quilt I tossed it in with some towels and fleece blankets.  I really wanted this to tumble in the dryer.  Look at that crinkle?
The backing was pulled from my box of destash fabrics.  There was just enough to make the back between the two.  This older WIP used up scraps and some fabrics on the back I was ready to part with.
After trimming the quilt of all the little strings, I like this quilt more.  During the retreat there were some not so nice words while quilting.  What do you think?

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18 Replies to “Scrappy Solids String Quilt”

  1. Love it! I need a string quilt now.

  2. I think it is a scrappy quilt that will be loved by someone. A true color treat for the eyes. I hope that you enjoyed the journey too.

    1. I enjoyed this quilt more once it was finished!

    2. Thank you Mary. I enjoyed it much more once it was done. It’s now in it’s new home and they love it.

  3. A fine example of a scrappy String Quilt. Nice work!!

  4. Great way to use up those solid scraps. String quilts are my favorite. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    1. Thanks Cynthia, I still have a whole bag to use up of solid scraps.

  5. Can’t imagine not nice words would apply to this bright scrappy quilt! I hope you continue to tame your scrap bag and make some more. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

    1. Thanks Nicky. It just felt like nothing was going right and I was finding errors at every step. Luckily it finished well. Love the link up!

  6. Wonderful string quilt! Great to see an ‘all solids’ version, as visually exciting as scrappy!

  7. A super quilt. Love the use of solids for your strings. A very pretty baby quilt.

  8. I really like this. I’m about half way through making a string quilt with batiks so it will be awhile before I’m ready to tackle another, but I really like the solids and it crinkled up nicely. 😀

    1. Thanks Pat. I understand not wanting to tackle a string quilt for a bit. Can’t wait to see your batik one.

  9. Oh, it’s a beautiful scrappy! The quilting is fabulous.

  10. […] the other scraps that an idea came to life.  I had 7″ squares left over from finishing the solids string quilt.  Let’s make a scrappy quilt that looks like rainbow sprinkles. […]

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