Scrappy Irish Chain Baby Quilt Finished

Scrappy Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Scrappy Irish Chain may be a new favorite for me.  Maybe it is the simplicity of the blocks or the overall scrappy look.  The baby has arrived.  It’s a BOY!

In the card to the parents I included this story about the quilt.

After I finished quilting we went to a wings and pizza place nearby.  I bound the quilt while at dinner.  I tried my best not to get wing sauce on the quilt.  While the quilt survived our dinner, my hope is that it’s used and gets lots of stains in it’s life.

For the backing, I dug deep into my stash.  The print is from the Taxi line from 2009?

back of scrappy irish chain

Hubby helped me pick out the binding.  Red or blue were the top choices.  Red won and looks great on the quilt.

Instead of just straight lines I tried a more of the square and rectangle free motion quilting.

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt

Look for another scrappy Irish chain in the future.

Scrappy Irish Chain Baby Quilt


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9 Replies to “Scrappy Irish Chain Baby Quilt Finished”

  1. I love this! Now I want to try this with all my scraps! Great design!

    1. Dig through those scraps!

  2. I adore Irish chain quilts. Yours is so colorful and happy. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Kathy Strawson says: Reply

    I love Irish Chain Quilts so much so that I am inspired to get one started before the month is over…so says she with a line up an arm long of other UFOs waiting for a finish. I will dream on paper in the meantime. Your quilt is adorable and than you again for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Kathy! It could be a great leaders and enders project if that helps you work it in without adding to the UFO list. Yes, I’m enabling 🙂

  4. I LOVE your baby quilt! I’m so glad you joined the scrap linky. I hope you will be doing another one.

    1. Thanks Susan, I already started pulling together some scraps for my ideal color palette. I need to finish some other projects first before I throw in another.

  5. I love Irish Chain quilts and yours is gorgeous. I love the scrappiness of it. Whenever I make them myself I always end up thinking they’re too plain, simple, even bland. I think the graphic quality of these quilts comes when seen at a distance. I’ll work on another one pretty soon (and hope it will be as wonderful as yours!). You didn’t say what size your squares are or the size of the finished quilt. I’m guessing maybe 2″ or 2 1/2″?

    1. Thanks Nancy! The blocks were 2″ squares in the nine patch. The plain blocks were 5″ squares. I tried to vary up the location of the blue, red, yellow, black and gray in each block which I think helped. Plus, I shuffled the blocks around quite a bit until I saw something I liked. Not sure I would ever use a solid color in the background now for an Irish Chain. I think I want the variety of low volume or white on white. OHHHH maybe a black and white print. Can’t wait to see what you create.

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