Rainbow Charm Quilt Blogger’s Quilt Festival

spring-2014-BQF-Button-300x290I’m submitting my recent Rainbow Charm quilt for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  It is in the ROYGBIV and Scrap Quilt categories along with some other great quilts.  In a few days you will be able to vote.  For now enjoy all the quilts and of course vote for me 🙂

rainbow charm quiltMore info on the quilt is here.

See all the other quilts in ROYGBIV here.  Scrap quilts are here.

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  1. Beth says: Reply

    Great design. Very simple, yet striking.

    1. Tisha says: Reply


    2. shawn joesph petro says: Reply

      When can I vote? cause u know u got 1 from me

  2. Neat! Love the colors moving out from the middle.

    1. Tisha says: Reply

      Thanks! I hoped to set it on point, BUT not my strong suit.

  3. The movement of colour is so clever – love it!

  4. It’s very pretty. I love how the colours radiate outwards in the diamonds -very prismatic!

    1. Tisha says: Reply

      That’s one of my favorite parts besides it being all scraps.

  5. This is so cool! It’s my favorite in the ROYGBV category.

    1. Tisha says: Reply

      Well Thank You! (blushing)

  6. precioso !!!
    tiene luz…..

  7. audrey says: Reply

    Great quilt! Love how the colors change from the inside out.:)

    1. Tisha says: Reply


  8. Cindy says: Reply

    Great design. I love how the design is simple but has great impact/coloring.

    1. Tisha says: Reply


  9. linda says: Reply

    I love the simpleness of this quilt. It’s clean and crisp and I like the pattern of the fabrics.

    1. Tisha says: Reply

      Thanks. I really tried to distinguish the less saturated and more saturated of the colors. Took alot of scraps.

  10. Ooh, I love the layered look of your quilt! Beautiful!

    1. Tisha says: Reply


  11. wendy says: Reply

    lovely, so simple, bt it works so well

    1. Tisha says: Reply

      Thanks so much.

  12. Olga says: Reply

    I like it a quilt! Beautifully!

  13. Joanne says: Reply

    What a perfect quilt! A real visual treat!

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