Tiny Scrap Quilt – Update 1

There could be multiple updates on this project since I’m just not feeling the overall design.  Over the weekend I was prepared to add white around the blocks that I had already pieced.  I was going to buzz right through them and then add a gray border.

Well I buzzed right through them and then went to press the seams.  Reality set in.

The truth is I hate that white border now.  I was only able to add to two sides and after pressing I stopped.  The white is drowning out all the color in the tiny blocks.  I wanted it to create a frame.

For now I have not ripped off the white strips, but it is very tempting.  Another idea is floating around in my head that I may try.

Creating with no pattern

Since I like to freehand create quilts and let them develop organically, this happens quite frequently.  Typically, I can work through the design and be happy with the results.  When a quilt has no pattern, I get to stretch myself creatively.  Improvising challenges me to work through the creative process.  It can be frustrating to hit many roadblocks, but I’m not going to put out a quilt that I’m not pleased with.

Further ideas

I have been contemplating the next steps for a couple of days.  One design that I keep envisioning is more simple.  Rather than frame the little squares in white, let’s skip that portion and just frame in gray.  From there I would float the framed squares around the quilt.  Maybe this needs to be bigger than a baby size to play with scale more.  Check back next week to see where I have taken this project.


I’m open to suggestions if you have any input.

Tiny Scrap Quilt intro 

Tiny Scrap Quilt – A New WIP

Scrap management is topic of discussion for quilters.  The smallest scrap I keep is 1.5 inch square.  Some keep smaller and create wonderful pieces with these micro scraps.  I just can’t fathom keeping them smaller than 1.5 inch square.

A request for a baby girl quilt came in recently.  The customer asked for girly after I had found my forgotten stash of Amy Butler Cameo and some other scraps.  These will do the job.  However, they are 1.5 inch square scraps.  Where do I go with these?

Right now, I’m not entirely sure what the overall design will end up being.  The fabric and some coordinating solids will guide me in this process.  Do you remember this quilt?  As I’m designing I keep seeing something like this.

Hello Luscious Baby Girl Quilt used 2.5 inch squares as the center of the blocks.  My Amy Butler Cameo scraps seem so tiny in comparison, see below.

Hoping this weekend to have some time to figure out the design.  For now I have a little stack of squares ready for something great.  I’m open to feedback and ideas too.

Nautical Themed Baby Boy Quilt

I’m truly at a loss for words to talk about this quilt.  All I want to do is play this video when I think about it.  This song will probably get stuck in your head.

Apparently, that is a dark song.  I was just thinking more of the Sail Away with me part.  A customer asked for a nautical themed baby quilt.  The vision of the quilt immediately came to me.  Deep in my scraps were some leftover triangles from a previous quilt in red, gray and navy.


My vision had these triangles looking like pendants or flags along with a minimal design.  The design challenge came when trying to find the right background fabric.  I wanted a light blue polka dot on white and just couldn’t find what I truly wanted.  Do you ever have that challenge?  Luckily, I did find a print that worked with my vision.

Laying out the fabrics beside the coordinating prints was really helpful.  Plus, the ladies at the quilt store gave me some valuable feedback.  The polka dot is great, but it would drown out the white prints sprinkled in.  The lighter blue print still showed off the navy and the white prints.  Done!  Designing the rest of the top was pretty easy.

The backing is a Lotta Jansdotter print I stocked up on a few months ago.  Doesn’t it look like fish scales?


Adding the sailboat was the customer’s idea and it really pulls simple quilt together.  I was able to complete the top, put the sailboat on, press the back, baste the quilt, and start quilting quickly with this project.  For the quilting I went with waves.  I marked the quilt on the edges every couple of inches.  This trick really helped keep my wavy lines straight across the quilt.  Then I filled in more lines along the way.

The texture the wavy lines created is perfect.  For the binding, I went with the remainder of the top print.  Doesn’t provide a frame of the quilt, but gives and infinity edge.

My smaller Brother machine decided to have electrical issues right before making this quilt.  The sailboat is just sewn on with straight stitches, I would have preferred zig zag.  The quilt is currently at it’s new home enjoying snuggles.


Favorite Things This Week

This week we dive into Halloween, new goals, new projects, the Holidays, and something fun at the end.

Do you still have a sugar buzz from all the Halloween candy?  Most of our candy has been put up in a cabinet, out of sight from little eyes.  He’s sneaky and will try to just admire it.  Then, a sucker or something else will somehow come unwrapped.  How did that happen?  Kid, I know your tricks to get treats.


Wow!  Lots of fun for P this Halloween.  He wanted to be Dracula.  Not a scary Dracula either, just more like P in a cape Dracula.  Success!

Bonus points go to hubby for P’s Halloween attire.  It was cold before trick or treating, so hubby grabbed this adorable sweater and velvet jacket.  The sweater was handmade by hubby’s grandma for him when he was a little boy.  Still has the tag in from grandma.  My mother in law had held on this velvet coat too that was hubby’s.  How adorable is P in this combination?

With P being Dracula I found a headband with a little witch hat on it to use during trick or treating.  It was just right.  Even wore it to get in some exercise before all the festivities.  Hey, I’m not going to reach my goals if I’m not putting in the time, even on Halloween.


Goals for November

For a while I was setting and sharing my monthly action items.  While I have gotten out of the habit of sharing, I have still been focusing on action items each month.  As the holiday season starts to set in, it’s important to hold myself accountable, so I don’t get lost in the busyness that arises.

  • Get in 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily.  This helps keep me balanced and focused.
  • Aim for eight hours of sleep per night.  I’m a teeny bit cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.
  • Take the stairs at work when I’m not walking with someone.  It’s a great booster throughout a day full of sitting.
  • Say no.  Especially to things that will stress me out.
  • Say yes to the things that will bring joy.
  • Put things on the calendar to avoid conflicts.  This also helps with planning for meals and exercise.

Halloween Quilts

While P has one Halloween quilt already, I’m pondering making a second.  Who doesn’t need two Halloween quilts.  Below are some inspirational ideas.

Daydreams of Quilts – Jack O’ Heart quilt 

In Color Order – Halloween Nine Patch Quilt

Makin’ Projiks – Halloween Quilt

Priscillas – Halloween Quilts (it’s their first quilt)

The Crafty Quilter – An Elegant Halloween Quilt

Christmas Projects

Already thinking and planning ahead for Christmas.  Decorations won’t come out until closer to Thanksgiving at our house, so I have some time to prep.  Are there any projects you are wanting to make for Christmas?  Here are a couple that I may work in and have P help me create.


via Crafts by Courtney



Check back this weekend for a new finished baby quilt.  If you need a good laugh, check this out.  Do you have a favorite Julia Roberts movie?  I’m torn between Steel Magnolias or Knotting Hill.

I started the weekly favorites to share a little more about me.  Sewing and quilting may seem boring to most people.  There is so much more to my life that these posts are a glimpse into all the other things that encompass my weeks.  The post may contain affiliate links.  If you may a purchase from a link, I may receive a small compensation.  


Favorite Family Halloween Movies

As we approach Halloween weekend it may be time to bust out some of our favorite Halloween movies.  Since P is obsessed with Halloween, we watch “Spooky” movies year round.  We also have some Halloween decor up in the house all year too.  This year, I finished the quilt below to use while watching movies.  You will probably find us snuggled up this weekend enjoying these movies and eating giant bowls of popcorn.

spooky ghost pumpkin quilt, halloween quilt, halloween decor, handmade halloween decor


The original Ghostbusters from 1984, not the remake.  P thinks it is hilarious and walks around quoting the movie.  “Back off man I’m a scientist!”  The other night he re-created the ending scene of the movie in his bubble bath.  “Look mom, I’m covered in marshmallows,” as he pretended the bubbles were marshmallows.  Good one kid.

via IMDB.com

As a parent the language isn’t terrible, but there is one scene that can be hard to explain to kids.  It’s the scene that Dan Aykroyd is having the “dream” with the ghost and she unbuckles his belt.  I’ve just told P it’s a dream and later I will have to have a better response.  The movie still holds up on the comedy for the adults as well.

Hotel Transylvania 2

This has to be a favorite movie of P’s.  Maybe it’s the music, the banter, or the scary monsters, but he loves this movie.  Hotel Transylvania 2 provides comedy for the whole family.   The movie encourages kids to be themselves and not have to fit into the mold of your character.  Also, how people can interact on various levels even with differences.  That’s my super high level parental take away.  My kid just sees the monsters being silly, that works too.

via IMDB.com

Hocus Pocus

Our final favorite is Hocus Pocus.   Follow the Sanderson sisters as they come back to life and try attempt to steal the souls of children.  Okay it’s not that scary.  They just run “Amok, amok, amok, amok.”  Again, the comedy holds up for adults.  Winifred is my favorite character.  Her sarcasm is just my style.  “Another glorious morning.  Makes me sick.” – Winifred.

via IMDB.com


Additional movies to consider viewing

Addams Family – We haven’t introduced P to this movie yet, but it’s on the list.

Spooky Buddies – The plot is terrible and can be hard to watch as an adult.  However, my kid thinks the dogs are funny.

Nightmare before Christmas – I am not a huge Tim Burton fan so I try to avoid this one.  P kinda of dug it.  He may like it better as he gets older.

Casper – That friendly ghost can be quite entertaining.  I had the biggest crush on Devon Sawa when the movie came out in 1995.  My kid could care less, he just likes ghosts.

What is your family’s favorite Halloween movies?  Do you have any Halloween traditions to share?



This post contains affiliate links.  If you may make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation.  All products linked are items I have used personally.  

Woodland Strings Baby Boy Quilt

Woodland animals have been a trend for some time in nursery decor.  Amazingly, this is the first baby quilt I have made with that theme.  My husband says it doesn’t look like woodland creatures and I’m okay with that.  It’s there, but you have to look closely.

woodland strings baby quilt, baby quilt, string quilt, scrap quilt, gender neutral baby quilt, woodland animals nursery decor, nursery decor


Scrap packs from Crimson Tate were purchased months ago.  When my client suggested outdoors and animal for a boy, these fabrics immediately came to mind.  I had envisioned a string quilt when I first picked up the bundles and the idea had not faded.

Posing on Point by MyTeaandBrie was quilt design inspiration.  While I didn’t use her tutorial, I use more of the general layout.  Note:  the mailing list request is for My Tea & Brie, not my site.

Beyond Patchwork: String Piecing Tutorial



I pressed and starched all my fabrics before cutting.

For my blocks I cut the following string sizes:

Center white strip:  2 inches

Grey strip:  3 inches

Other fabrics 1.5 or 2 inches in width

Ready to chain piece this batch

Chain piecing the blocks made it pretty easy to bust the top out.  I worked in 30 minute chunks then took a break.  Tip:  keep the iron nearby to make chain piecing more efficient.


In laying out the quilt top I was not overly picky about where things went.  An effort was made to keep too many colors from the same square.  Overall, it turned out great.

After completing the top, it was time to rip off all the little papers from the back.  My mother-in-law was in town for Fall Break.  I asked if she wanted to help and she joined in.  It was great to have someone help out, this part was going to take forever and I was on a deadline.  If I could get it to the client by X date, they could hand deliver.  Well, I had to get this sucker quilted and bound quickly to make that happen.

Quilting, Backing, and Binding

A couple of backing options were auditioned but this black and white dot ultimately won.  Doesn’t it play well with the front?

In the effort to meet my looming deadline, free motion quilting with loops won for quilting.  Seriously the quilting took an hour.  My mother-in-law and husband were watching something while I knocked this out.  They were surprised when I entered the room with the quilted piece.  I was pretty proud of myself.

However, while I was quilting, I found an error in my quilt.  Can you spot it?  If you’re a quilter probably, but most didn’t notice it.  There was a frantic post to my guild’s page and texts to a couple of friends.  The consensus was it’s a design element.  Ha!  If I wasn’t almost done with the quilting when my eye caught it I would have fixed it.  Sometimes you have to let the little things go and accept them.  It wasn’t the way I envisioned the quilt turning out, but it works.

Deep in my stash was the gray houndstooth flannel.  The piece I had was just enough to bind the quilt.  Everything to make this quilt was scraps or stash fabric which is a positive in my book.  Makes working against that looming deadline even better.

After thoughts

Pretty sure I want to remake this quilt in a bigger size to keep.  The colors are lovely, I am digging the jade.  Despite a tight deadline, the quilt made it to CA in time to be hand delivered.  The precipitant loved it.  Making a baby quilt that doesn’t scream baby is always nice too.

If you like the quilt, save it Pinterest for future reference.  I have it under Scrap Busting Projects.


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