Quilt Design by Porter – Letting P’s Creativity Run Wild

Can I brag about my kid for a minute?  He continues to amaze me as he wants to learn new skills.  Monday night I had been pressing some half square triangles (HSTs) that were created and leftover from my Pulse quilts.

quilts for pulse, heart quilt, charity quilt, group quilt

Each of those hearts had two big HSTs leftover.  I had been saving them for a charity quilt and decided to finally make something.  As I was pressing the HSTs came wanted to help.  EEEK!  An almost five year old use an iron??  Why not?  He knows it’s hot and will probably not burn himself.  At least I’m here to supervise.  This post on Scary Mommy was my inspiration to let him create.

How An Episode Of ‘Chopped Junior’ Changed The Way I Parent

Well, he rocked it.  We pretended the iron was a train, going slowly over the track (seam), and small puffs of steam helped.  He was proud of himself and happy to help.  After the blocks were pressed I threw out the idea of laying out the quilt.  He was thrilled.

We sorted the blocks by colors right before dinner.  He scarfed down dinner and was ready to play soon after.   I helped him get started with the red blocks.  From there he took over.  The only help I offered was how to make the diamond of colors in the darker blue.

sewing with kids, let kids create, sewing assistant, kids who quilt
Not sure who is better more helpful here??


Confession:  it was hard not to direct him or make suggestions.  There are a ton of things I would change in the overall top, but

I had to remind myself it’s about letting him create.  


Overall his design is great.  I had thought there were more blocks than what I had.  It’s a good baby quilt size.

sewing with kids, let kids create, sewing assistant, kids who quilt
He’s doing his best Beastie Boys impression here.

We did come up four blocks short as we reached the end.  He told me the colors he wanted the new blocks to be and I dug into my charm scraps.  We had four blocks whipped up rather quickly.  I do wish we would have trimmed the blocks down to all be the same size, but there was no time.  We had to create.  Instead, mom had lots of pressing to do on the top.  Oh well!

Porter picked out the backing fabric last night.  It’s a pink, orange, and white print.  He wanted more purple, so that will probably be the binding.  Our plan is to quilt over the weekend.

If you’re a parent, have you let your kids help you sewing or quilt?  What did they like or dislike?  I can’t wait to hear what others do.  

sewing with kids, let kids create, sewing assistant, kids who quilt
He’s pretty happy with the results

Oh Deer! Wonky Stars

This quilt is full of firsts.  First time I have made a Wonky Stars quilt.  Also, the first time I’ve used my fat quarter bundle of Oh Deer! by Moda.  The fabric has been in my stash for years and was starting to feel neglected.  Maybe I was just waiting for the right project.


The quilt was inspired by woodland creatures and more boy colors.  I had recently finished the Woodland Strings Quilt so I wanted to change my design up a bit.  I knew this fat quarter bundle was stashed away and had some animals on it.  My client wanted the green, blue, orange and yellow colors for a boy quilt.  I pulled those out and started to think about the best way to highlight the fabrics.

Wonky Stars!  Something I’ve not done, but could be a fun way to show off the fabrics.  My client was on board with the idea so it was time to prep for the blocks.  I cut my background fabric, which is a print I picked up at Joann’s.  It’s a white with little yellow polka dots.


Making wonky stars goes quickly.  I was able to whip up 12 blocks within a couple of days after work.  There were coordinating solids added in as well.

Quilt Top

Laying out the quilt may have took longer than making the blocks.  I could not decide which layout I liked best.  Ultimately, this won.


The prints below were in my stash.  I think I picked them up from a neighborhood swap group I’m in for FREE!  The tub included some gorgeous Birch fabrics that you can see below.

Finished Quilt

For quilting I went with an all over loopy free motion pattern.  Want to know a secret?  It took 40 minutes to quilt.  Happy dance.

I can’t wait to make this quilt again with some of the other prints in the Oh Deer! bundle.  Next time, I will make them smaller.  I think smaller will help the blocks be wonkier.  That’s a word, right?

Indie Folk King Sized Patchwork Quilt – Finished

The response to the Indie Folk quilt has been great.  If you loved the fabrics, there will be more quilts made with the remaining fabrics.  There should be at least two more, maybe a third if I can swing it.

Can I be honest for a minute?  Great.  This quilt was massive and I wanted to get it out before we left for San Francisco over Christmas.  The weather in Indy turned to shit right as I finished this quilt.  It was too big to just hang on my fence without getting on the rain soaked ground.  I’m heartbroken I didn’t get better pictures of the finished quilt, see way down below.  However, I did film the making of this quilt and I’m working on a how to video.

Let’s move on to finishing this beast of a quilt.

Basting the quilt

My wonderful husband went somewhere for the night and after I put the kid to bed, it was time to baste.  I had removed the dining room table and swept the room to prepare.  I learned something that night.  My dining room is not big enough to baste a king sized quilt without working in sections.  We had been contemplating buying a new house in 2018 and now a new requirement will be space to baste a big quilt.

Basting took about three hours to complete.  I was a tad bit sore after and almost couldn’t get off the floor.  Not joking, I sent a text to my husband to come get me off the floor.  This was a huge accomplishment.

Quilting choice

To quilt this I went with straight lines on the diagonal.  On Instagram a commenter asked why on the diagonal.  Great question.  I did an Insta-story response, but thought I would share here as well.


Since I have been quilting straight lines on the diagonal for some time, I’m pretty good at it.  Plus, with a quilt this since, it allows me to move the quilt around.  Spreading the bulk around is much easier on my body and sewing space.  Keeping a quilt rolled up and bulk all on one side would be too much for me.  Each square has an X in it for quilting.  The white thread I chose blended in nicely.

Quilting this required a number of breaks to keep my shoulders and back from getting too stiff.

Backing and binding

I was able to score a soft green sheet in the perfect color off one my local swap groups.  It wasn’t quite big enough so I added some of the gray print.

In finding coordinating solids I struggled to find a navy blue that worked.  It makes a good binding choice to balance out the colors.

Machine binding won based on the time I had left to meet my deadline.

Finished Quilt

Below are the best pictures I could get of this quilt without getting it on the ground.  Notice that light dusting of snow in the background and on the quilt?


The quilt is safely in it’s new home and enjoying lots of snuggles.  Click on the links below for the other posts related to this quilt project.

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2018 Goals and Planning

Looking back on 2017 has given me some great insight and I can see personal growth.  I’m looking forward to 2018 by putting things in motion to make it a wonderful year.  The next few paragraphs are raw and unfortunately true.

Let’s go back to December 2016.  I wasn’t happy in my current job and had been looking for some time.  The jobs I really wanted wouldn’t interview me because I was missing things they really wanted to see.  My opportunities for growth within my company were limited.  Then something happened that was a defining moment.  A co-worker touched me inappropriately at our Holiday Party.  I was mortified at what happened and it basically changed how I felt about myself.  Yes, I did report it to HR and he still works at the company.  No, I won’t name him publicly.  He can live with his own shame.

Do you know what my first words to HR were?  I dressed conservatively and this happened.  Nothing says sexy like a black high neck dress, black cardigan, black tights and black heels.  How was this my fault?  That’s how I felt at the time and it ruined December.  We spoke to attorney, but I didn’t want to put myself and family through that.  Instead, I put some feelers out and found a new job quickly.  The new job was completely different and way less money.  So, maybe I should have pursued things with an attorney, but I don’t know that I would be where I am today.

The impact of that December night and some ass hat’s actions impacted most of my 2017.  Not all as bad, which is why I have decided to share.  Let’s dig into the bad so you know where I’m going for 2018.

  • Huge shake to my self confidence.  I just haven’t been myself.
  • Weight gain.  Eating my feelings and lacking self confidence helped, right?
  • Motivation way down.
  • Generally just pissed off.

It affected all parts of my life.  The feminist in me is mad as hell that I didn’t stay and fight.  Stand up for myself, press charges, and demand more.  Instead, I ran away and quickly found a new job.  As 2017 comes to a close I’m more confident in sharing what happened.  The #metoo movement was motivating.  It’s sad that so many of my friends had that posted, I wanted to hug them all.  It was liberating to know I’m not alone.  Deep down I knew that.   People I didn’t expect posted their own stories too.  I have decided that I won’t let this incident define me any longer, his actions will not win.  I am so much more than that glimpse in time and event.

Towards the end of 2017, my husband and I really started digging into where we want to go and our goals.  I have some big things coming out in 2018, that I can’t share just yet.  It fits right into all of this I promise.  I took on some virtual assisting work to help expand my skills.  Finally, I felt creative again.

Things were getting back on track professionally and creatively, but personally I was still struggling.  During my annual exam I had a frank discussion with my doctor about my health.  Luckily, she was frank right back.  We chatted about my lifestyle habits and what could be causing my weight to creep up or stay the same.  The exercise, sleep, and stress management were in place.  Then she asked about my diet.  As a former health coach, I thought I had it together.  I was eating lots of fruits and vegetables and cooking at home.  Well, she brought up carbohydrates.  Then after some discussion maybe that was the area I needed/should change to see the weight loss I was hoping for.

(Insert HUGE eye roll from me)

I laughed her off and said yeah okay.  After the appointment I started looking at what I was eating and was flabbergasted.  Rob and I chatted about changing our nutritional habits and what we could maybe do.  Since he does most of the cooking, I needed and wanted his help in this.  We changed our diet up and ditched lots of carbs.  I’m talking chips, crackers, taco shells, etc.  Still lots of veggies and now more nuts and fats.  It’s been a challenge, but I like how I feel.  It took an honest conversation that I didn’t want to hear to encourage me to make a change.

Since I started making changes with my diet, having conversations around other changes have been easier.  It’s become apparent that just doing a desk job all day isn’t the best for me.  I crave flexibility and being my own boss.  Moving into 2018, that is a goal.  Make it work so I don’t have to work for others.  This is a longer term plan that isn’t feasible right this moment, but something to work towards and focus on.

What does that mean?  On the blog you’re going to see some changes.  You already know that sewing and quilting is a huge stress reliever for me, but there is so much more to me.  I’m going to dig into confidence and ways to make some changes.

confidence, 2018 word, personal goals, self improvement, kicking ass in life

My word of the year for 2018 is confidence.  As I’m working to boost my own confidence in 2018, I will be sharing things that I find or tips that are helpful.  This will not be an easy focus or change.  It’s going to be hard work that will have huge benefits in the end.

If you know me personally, you may be surprised just how much confidence I am lacking these days.  You may be thinking, “You’re loud, opinionated, and seem to have it together.”  Thanks friend, but that’s the case.

Now that you know where I’m coming from and the overall theme, it’s time to dig into how.

  • Read and expand my knowledge on boosting confidence.
  • Take some time daily to breathe and reflect.
  • Keep up my regular exercise for my overall wellness.
  • Kick ass at something new.  Learning something new will help me build a skill and challenge myself.

I hope you stay with me on this journey.  Thanks for letting me get that huge secret off my chest.  Let’s move ahead and make 2018 a wonderful year.


Top Five Posts of 2017

Looking back on 2017 there isn’t one theme in my sewing and quilting projects.  These are the top five most viewed posts from the year.  Thank you readers for your support and comments as well.

Scrappy Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles

Scrappy unicorn rainbow sprinkles by quiltytherapy #scrapquilt #paperpiecing #modernquilt

Flying Geese Baby Quilt 

Halloween:  Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Quilt

spooky ghost pumpkin quilt, halloween quilt, halloween decor, handmade halloween decor

Woodland Strings Baby Quilt

Scrappy Postage Stamp Baby Boy Quilt

Scrappy Postage Stamp quilt #scrapquilt #postagestampquilt #babyquilt #quiltytherapy #boyquilt #modern #quilt

The ONE Christmas Tradition We Love

Clark Griswold says it best, “250 strands of lights.  100 individual bulbs per strand.  For a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights.

Driving around to look at Christmas light displays is our favorite family tradition.  We load up the car every Sunday night in December to check out the lights near us.  We include popcorn, Christmas music and this year we added hot cocoa.

We could channel our inner Clark Griswold and put on our own display, but our neighbors do a wonderful job.


A couple of houses, like the one above, set their lights to music.  I feel like a creeper just sitting there watching the lights.  They really are entertaining.

As we prepare for Christmas tomorrow I can’t wait to drive around and scope lights.

Do you drive around and look at lights?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year’s to you.