My Sewing Space


It’s cleaned up and more organized.

Welcome everyone to my sewing space.  This has been my space for the last four years.  You can read about the transitions we made here.  The tiny human kicked me out of the second bedroom that I was using when he arrived.  We have a lovely enclosed front porch with HUGE windows.  Loads of natural light flood the room when sewing during the day.  We recently added a larger light to make night time sewing easier on my eyes.

Ignore all those neglected scraps just sitting there in tubs.  It’s better than the trash bag they were in.

Add tackling these tubs to the to-do list.

Knowing that I was going to share this room publicly was a great motivator to clean and organize it a bit.  Most of the time my ironing board is up and off to the side.  My stash of yardage is tucked away in our back room in drawer system.  It’s not a perfect system.  However, it lets me focus on projects that I’m working on.

The extra side table isn’t really for cutting, rather it makes it easy to watch Netflix while I sew.  I can devour a whole series if I’m working on a big project.  #netflixandsew

That table looks a little bare.  I should grab some wine and start a project.  Thanks for joining me on the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop.  Be sure to visit everyone on the blog hop below.


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12 Replies to “My Sewing Space”

  1. Tisha, I loved your video! So fun to hear your tour of the studio…it gave it such a “real” feel beyond just the photos.

    1. Thank you Jen. It was nice to try a different medium. With this smaller space the video makes it look bigger too.

  2. Looks much cleaner than mine I have a bunch of threads and baby scrap cluttering my floor under my chair.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sewing space! I love all of the light in there. Very jealous!
    I am a Netflix and sew kind of gal too. 🙂 I love putting on a long TV series and have the TV right between my machine and cutting/ironing station so I can peek up at it once in awhile.

  4. love your space … well organized … nice video

    1. Thank you Sherry. Look for more videos in the future.

  5. I love how bright it is!
    Don’t feel bad about the tubs. I was totally there myself not long ago 🙂
    #netflixandsew is the best!

    1. Thanks Emily for stopping by. The natural light is my favorite part.

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  7. Tisha, this room looks great. Your space works really well. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites to watch on Netflix, while quilting.
    Thanks for sharing your space. I’m glad I met you through this blog hop.

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