Hullabaloo Simple Charm Baby Quilt

hullabaloo baby quilt

Sometimes you want to create a quilt that is simple and uses your stash.  A while back I was “bored” and started going through my collection of charm packs.  I say “bored”, but I was probably avoiding doing something else like laundry.  In my charm pack stash were two Hullabaloo packs sitting there waiting for their opportunity to become a quilt.  I sorted out the fabrics for a girl and more gender neutral option.

Then they sat back in that box for a few months.  I had even pulled out the coordinating yardage that I had in my stash to back and bind a quilt.

An opportunity arose to make a quilt for someone just because.  They needed something cheery in their lives at that moment.  Not sure what I wanted to do, I went to my charm pack box and then found the Hullabaloo fabrics sitting there.  Oh course!

hullabaloo baby quilt
The hardwood floors look great in this picture!

I grabbed a gray solid in my stash and bordered the charms.  Like I said, simple quilt.  This whole quilt probably took my two nights after P went to bed.

hullabaloo baby quilt
EEK! This is blurry.

I found a big piece of scrap batting and wasted no time getting this quilted.  Again the quilting was pretty simple too.  X’s across the squares.

hullabaloo baby quilt

The binding was a Kona red sitting in my stash that matched the more crimson red in the Hullabaloo line.


hullabaloo baby quilt

There was just enough yardage in my stash for a backing as well.  A completely stash quilt, it was easy to whip up, and someone is enjoying some snuggles under it.  Sounds like a win to me.  Since there is red on the binding, I sent along a Shout Color Catcher for the next wash.  I did wash the quilt with one and it came out PINK.

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  2. We can personally attest to the cuddles that have been had with this beautiful quilt!

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