Holy Block-a-Moly Part 4

They are DONE!!!  All 80 blocks done!  If I could do a back handspring I would, but I will spare you that visual.  That also means I met my goal for the month of November.

charming plus scrappy quilt

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you know what really happened.  Got done, had everything pressed and realized I was missing 3 blocks.  They were in the basket where I had thrown my strips a couple of weeks ago.

Monday night I laid the blocks out with a sick toddler at home.   Despite his best efforts with his monster trucks, he did let me lay this out in the living room.

charming plus scrappy quilt (2)

For the layout I wanted only 1 of each color per row and not repeating background fabrics.  I am very happy with this layout.  What do you think?

Last night I was able to start piecing the rows together.  I labeled each row and sew left to right to help keep it all organized.  Once I start pressing I will know if there are mistakes.

piecing charming plus scrappy quilt

All the rows are now pieced and ready to be pressed.  I may get that accomplished today or tomorrow.  The kid is going to grandma’s tonight so we can run a 4.5 mile Thanksgiving race tomorrow.

completed rows charming plus scrappy quilt

The tags will stay on until the rows are pieced together.

Do you have any sewing plans for the holiday weekend?

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12 Replies to “Holy Block-a-Moly Part 4”

  1. I have a ‘thing’ for scrappy and your quilt makes my heart sing. Nice job. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal!

    1. Thanks Kaholly! Lots more scrappy quilts to come.

  2. Great scrappy quilt. Love those pluses!

  3. Isn’t it amazing what one can do with a nine patch? These are lovely… such great colour choices. When I’m piecing together a top like this one, I use a technique of Eleanor Burns’ I sew Block 1, Row 1 to Block 2, Row 1 then I sew Block 1, Row 2 to Block 2, Row 2. – and I chain piece and leave them attached. Once all the Block 1s are sewn to the Block 2s, I add the Block 3s. That way, all your rows stay attached and in order. No need for tags!

    1. I love a nine patch, so simple. Thanks Jenn. I haven’t heard of the Eleanor Burns method, add to my list to check out.

  4. I have done the layout and label on so many quilts…I always end up getting something twisted around when I’m sewing them together! I hope you are more successful then I have been!!! It is going to be a lovely quilt! Congratulations on achieving your November goal!

  5. Oh, wow, I love your layout! I imagine it took a while to meet your parameters, but it’s a great quilt. I look forward to seeing the finish. Hope you enjoyed your run!

    1. Thanks Susan! The finish should be done this week.

  6. I love your blocks, layout is great and good job on starting the rows. Congratulations on achieving your November goal.

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