Holiday Fabric Stashing

The fabric budget experiment and focusing on my stash has encouraged me to avoid sale posts.  However, StitchStashDiva posted about a Halloween Fat Quarter bundle sale.  I couldn’t resist, P loves Halloween.

She has a great selection, if you are still looking for something spooky for your Halloween crafting.  I chose this bundle since the fabrics fit my living room a bit better.  I plan to make a couple of pillow covers using the fat quarters, then who knows what else.  Plus, I loved the spider web prints.

Well, if I’m going to make pillows for Halloween, I might as make them for a couple of other holidays.  I checked out Valentine’s Day first.  Lots of good options, but these won out.  Not overly Valentine’s Day, but just a touch.

What about a winter and/or Christmas option?  My fabric stash is lacking in this theme.  Plus, helped get me to free shipping.  Pay for shipping or fabric?  Fabric is gonna win.

Red and gray for winter and/or Christmas is a go to for me.  Since it doesn’t scream Christmas I can keep the pillows out longer.

Now let’s add holiday themed pillow covers to my list of things to make.  I picked the pillow forms up a while ago at JoAnn’s for something else.  Do you make anything in Holiday fabrics?

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  1. Great finds (and I’m with you on avoiding shipping charges)! I just finished a quilt top for myself in a combination of Christmas fabrics and red-and-green stash. The limited time frame to display such pieces is what usually has me making other stuff, but it was a fun project that I hope to pull out as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is cleaned up and keep on my couch through the new year. : )

  2. […] covers are a great way to spruce up your living room.  In August I shared some of the Holiday fabrics I had picked up in hopes of making pillow covers.  Happy to report the Winter and Christmas […]

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