Help Me Pick a Backing

Time to back the Springy Granny Springs quilt from last week.  Now, what to back it in?  I have a few choices in mind.  Why not open it up to quilt by committee?

Here is the binding choice.  It’s a nice pale green.


All three are solid choices.  Which is your favorite?    Vote in the comments by Thursday, March 16th.


Excited to see which backing is the winner.  Let the voting begin.  You can vote in more than one place too.  Instagram, Facebook or the blog.

12 Replies to “Help Me Pick a Backing”

  1. Oh please pick C – it is so pretty!

  2. I also like C, the flowers are so springy!

    1. Those flowers were springy. Did you see that C won out of all the backings?

  3. I love C!

    1. Thanks Patti. C ended up winning out of the backing options.

    1. Thanks for voting. Your choice ended up winning.

  4. How about making 1 great big granny square for the back??? or make 4 big one to fit in the backing???

    1. Great idea. Had not thought of that. Maybe the next one.

  5. Karen Hammond says: Reply

    I love C

    1. Thanks Karen, that ended up being the winner.

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