Gender Neutral Triangle Quilt – HELP

The vision is my head for this baby quilt.  However, I’M STUCK!  Full creative road block.  So readers I turn to you for some input.

For the color scheme I went a little preppy.  I adore the jade color and think it pairs well with the mustard.  Here is my original pull from the quilt store.

fabric pull

That pink mass on top is a bridesmaid dress from the wedding.  That will be used as part of the binding.  Keep that in mind for the next part.  After cutting the triangles I sprinkle in some gray and white for balance.

fabric selection

Tonight I started laying this quilt out.  Something doesn’t feel right about it as I look at it?  Hubby says I’m overthinking it, it looks great.

Notice the toddler cup?
Notice the toddler cup?

Off to my stash I went.  Pretty sure it’s missing a navy.  I would love some feedback or ideas.   Note these are navy/blue, my camera wants to pick it up more black.  Challenge of night time pictures.

blues in my stash

My eyes were drawn to the small navy diamonds to try and provide balance.

possible additions

I may throw these in too.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

april showers

7 Replies to “Gender Neutral Triangle Quilt – HELP”

  1. I think the navy might be a fine addition, but the layout looks pretty good as it to me! I really think it’s a great color scheme.

    1. I appreciate that Kat. Maybe taking today away from the triangles will help.

  2. I love triangle quilts, I’ve never made one but I do like to look at them! I think putting in a navy blue would maybe make the pink pop a little more. Or you could just do a small amount of navy triangles, just enough to catch the eye towards the odd ones out. I think it looks great as it is though too, your fabrics are lovely. I guess you’ll have to keep cutting triangles and playing around with different combinations until your happy! Good Luck 🙂 Hannah

    1. Thanks Hannah! I’m thinking a few navy triangles may help. Triangle quilts are easy to cut out and I think the hardest to lay out.

  3. I like the addition of the very last print the pink and navy one.

    1. I still haven’t decided which will officially go into the top. I should decide that soon, the shower is in a few weeks.

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