Destashing and it feels…

Amazing.  I honestly thought I would dread parting with some of my favorite fabrics.  About a month ago I opened the cabinet I keep some of my favorite fabrics in.  Can you believe I felt anxiety?  I shouldn’t feel this way about things I cherish.

I’ve been thinking about a destash and what that could mean.  Sure, I may not be able to make a quilt using all Lotta Jansdotter fabrics like I really wanted.  However, if I really wanted to make one, I would have already.

lotta jansdotter follie fat quarter bundle

Here’s what a destash means for me moving forward:

  • I am cultivating a collection of fabrics that inspire me.
  • With less fabrics the burdens of a to do list may not be there.
  • Continued use of what I have.
  • Focusing on buying what I need or will use for a project.

The destash money is not going towards my $100 fabric budget.  It’s going towards our savings account.

half moon modern charm packs

More fabrics to be sold off soon enough.  My dining room table is still covered and barely a dent has been made.

I feel a little like Elsa, Let It Go!


5 Replies to “Destashing and it feels…”

  1. I wanted some of the lotta! But someone beat me.

  2. This is a great idea! Then you can keep the fabric you will really sew. I keep seeing fabric store sales on instagam and I load up my online shopping cart and remember I already have fabric for 8 quilts that I Really plan to make and plenty more fabric I can sew up on other projects! I’m trying to not buy more until I sew what I have! You are doing a good job sticking to your budget!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It’s been a long time coming. How can something I love to do give me such anxiety because I’m not using the fabrics how I envision them. Sad thing is after tonight, it still doesn’t really make a dent. UGH!

  3. Great perspective. I loved your comment about how if you’d *really* wanted the quilt you would have made it by now.

    1. Exactly! Thanks Sarah.

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