Christmas Fabric Wreath Tutorial

Christmas Fabric Wreath Tutorial

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Ready for a scrap project to use up your leftover Christmas fabrics that you can adore all season long?  Great, grab your pinking shears, a wire wreath and scraps to get started.  This is an easy project to work on while you watch TV or are stuck on a long car ride.

Tip:  I have found the cheapest wire wreaths at a Dollar Tree.  JoAnn’s has them too, but now I’ve let my secret out.

For fabric you are going to need 50-60 5″ charms to cut.  If you are using scraps, they should be 5″ in length and the width doesn’t matter.  Also, you could add silver or gold ribbon as an accent.

I may have a charm pack problem.
I may have a charm pack problem.

Most wire wreaths are 12″ in diameter.  If you have less fabric, you can choose a smaller size to make it look fuller.  Plus, it will take less time.  The 12″ diameter wreath will take 5-6 hours to complete.
wire wreath and fabric scraps

Start with 5-10 charms and cut into varying widths.  Usually enough for 4-6 strips per charm.  I like having a number of strips at a time to work with.

cutting strips from charms

To tie the scraps, lay the wrong side of the fabric under the wire and tie a knot around the wire.  Pull the right sides of the fabric to the top and keep pulling until the knot is tight.

For a random look add strips in each section of the same fabric.  Vary which rung you put the fabric on in each section.


Continue to go around the wreath adding in strips of the pre-cut scraps.  Adjust the fabrics so the ties are facing up.

filling in wreath
Keep filling in around the wreath.  As you get closer to the end, you want to work in each section to make sure it’s full enough.  To determine fullness, prop the wreath up on something and take a step back.  Can you see the wires between the fabrics?

Yes, continue to add more.

No, I would add a few more and be done.

The finished product may look like this.  A better picture is coming.  This was taken as we were at a dead stop on the interstate on our way to vacation.  I had finished the wreath during the drive.

fabric christmas wreath

Updated:  Much better picture taken at vacation destination.  Perfect for Christmas in July.

christmas fabric wreath tutorial

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22 Replies to “Christmas Fabric Wreath Tutorial”

  1. Tisha, what a great way to use scraps! And thanks for letting us in on the secret as to where to purchase the rings! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Pretty wreath. I made one of these using a hanger and tissue paper in Girl Scouts 50 years ago. I think I will make a fabric one like yours with my granddaughter. Thanks for the memories!

  3. Susan Spiers says: Reply

    Your wreath looks so good-fabric choices are just beautiful! I have also seen this done with plastic-great wreath idea, and using up scraps!

  4. That is so cute. I have a ton of charms so it is very tempting to start on my own version right now.

  5. What a FUN use of Holiday scraps!!! Thanks for taking the mystery out of this adorable project.

  6. oooooooh I absolutely love this, you can’t get any more simple but what high impact. I know I’m going to make one, probably not for Christmas as I already have my door wreath but I’ve got plans now for seasonal wreaths for the rest of the year, thanks so much for sharing 😀 #12daysofchristmasinjuly

  7. What a great project! I just inherited a large bag of scraps, so I’m going to look through it for fabric for this. Thanks so much!

  8. Love it tyty for sharing .i bet this would make a nice fall wreath too…

  9. Delightful project! Thanks for sharing.

  10. That turned out so cute. The pinked edges really give it a fancy look.

  11. Wow ! This is awesome. I too made one many, many years ago on a hanger. This is soooo much better. Great idea to do when the kids visit.

  12. A great idea for using up the Christmas scraps, thanks Tisha!
    Barbara xx

  13. Wow, Tisha, what a great wreath! And so simple – I think I could keep at least one of the grandkids busy with this for quite a while, and she’d be so proud of herself when it was finished! We’ll be headed to the store tomorrow for a wreath form… And thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your post and making the blog hop a success!!!

  14. Now there’s something we can all make, we all have scraps now don’t we, LOL Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cute way to use up all those leftovers!

  16. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great project. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love wreaths like this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. What a cute easy idea, thanks for sharing. I have another door that needs something simple and cute.

  20. Adorable! Glad to meet you through the hop!

  21. Debbie Burger says: Reply

    Oh, my goodness!! I can’t wait to get. Started!! I’m going to get my wreath today!!

  22. I always wondered how those were made! Your fabric choices make the wreath really fun.

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