Favorite Things This Week


Welcome back for my favorite things this week.  It’s been an eventful week at our house.  P started Pre-K, you know the actual school kind that is FREE.  Hubby and I celebrated being together for 12 years.  Finally, we are researching options for a new garage door.  There goes all the savings of no daycare payment.  How is your week going?

Let’s jump into my list for the week.


No quite Pumpkin Spice Latte fall, but lots of prep work for Halloween and our decor.  Time to dig into my Pinterest board for ideas.  Plus working on a Halloween quilt for P.  When do you bust out your fall decor?  Lots of stores already have theirs out.

Take me back to Cooperstown

If you want a jumpstart on fall projects, here is an easy tutorial for a Fall Fabric Wreath.

fall fabric wreath tutorial



I have been working on some big projects at work this week.  While doing so I’ve been listening to music and the occasional video.  Prepare to laugh and feel all kinds of gushiness.

Speaking of fall, this had me cracking up.  So many giggles.

Sewing & Quilting

A variation on a string block is a go to for me.  Cluck Cluck Sew has the Diagonal Strip Quilt tutorial on her blog.  She finally finished her quilt.  She touches on being paralyzed by the fear of finishing it.  Do you ever feel that way?

I am digging these improv stripes from Debbie at A Quilter’s Table.  Wish I had some more time to play along right now.  Are you participating?


I love planning.  We use a family calendar, but maybe it’s time for me to bring back a paper planner.  There are some good benefits discussed here.  Do you have any suggestions or favorites?

We are going to sneak away for a couple of days this weekend.

Favorite Things From The Week

Links to my favorite bits of news this week.

Sewing & Quilting

  • Have you seen these adorable mini barn quilts?  I foresee purchasing them as gifts for some of my quilty friends.
  • After finding a plethora of solid scraps in my bin last week, these pillows are something I’m adding to my list.
  • Lotta Jansdotter’s new book and a giveaway at my favorite fabric store.


  • Well this makes me mad.  How can a large company do this to small breweries?  All the more reason to support local and buy from local vendors that support the same.
  • Are you a brand enthusiast for a company?  If so, share in the comments.  I have supporting local/small businesses and hearing about those that others love.
    • I adore Frangipani Body Products.  It’s a local company with amazing products.  The Shea Butter Softening lotion has changed my life and skin quality.  It’s so soft and moisturizes with just a bit of product.  Pretty sure my husband sneaks some for his dry skin.  Tracy makes a variety of products and is very knowledgeable.  If only you could meet her in person and see how bubbly and awesome she is.


  • We can be our own worst critic.  Do you let that stop you from gifting something handmade?  Katie with Swim Bike Quilt talks about some old projects she hesitated giving and sending them along.

General Awesomeness

  • This is an old poem that a coworker sent over to me last week.  Heavy Threads by Hazel Hall.

“When the dawn unfolds like a bolt of ribbon/Thrown through my window,/I know that hours of light/Are about to thrust themselves into me/Like omnivorous needles into listless cloth,/Threaded with the heavy colours of the sun./They seem altogether too eager,/To embroider this thing of mine,/My Day,/Into the strict patterns of an altar cloth;/Or at least to stitch it into a useful garment./But I know they will do nothing of the kind./They will prick away,/And when they are through with it/It will look like the patch quilt my grandmother made/When she was learning to sew.” (Hall, 1921).  

  • Never had I heard the phrase “grandmapal” until this story.  It’s the perfect phrase for the love and admiration I had for my gma.

Posts from this week

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Hall, Hazel. “Heavy Threads.” Academy of American Poets. Academy of American Poetrs, n.d. Web 28 November 2015.

Favorite Things From This Week

Links to my favorite bits of news this week.

Hello!  It’s been a hectic week at work, leaving me not much time to read and comment on blog posts.  Here are some that I found throughout the week.  I’m going to grab some coffee this morning and play catch up.

Sewing & Quilting

This is giveaway open to any handmade item for the Holidays.  Visit Ellison Lane for all the details and link up.


Staying inspired is important for growth and learning.  What inspires you?  Nicole says, “If you don’t stay inspired, your creativity dies.”  Read part one here.  I’m excited to read part two when she writes it.

Selling nothing for $5 earned Cards Against Humanity $71,000 on Black Friday.  That’s awesome and weird at the same time.

General Awesomeness

Pretty sure this sign needs to live in my basement or front door.

“Make it Work!”  The amazing Tim Gunn.  Listen.


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Favorite Things From The Week

Links to my favorite bits of news this week.

Have you survived the onslaught of Turkey leftover recipes?  Is your holiday shopping completed yet?  I’m not even close.  We can’t decide what we want to get the toddler.  It may have been a short work week, but still some good stuff this week.

Sewing & Quilting

  • Apparently using a precuts instead of cutting your own fabric is a debate being had.  This is the perfect response.  Those quilters probably shouldn’t read my blog.
  • Pretty sure I need to make one of these for Pdawg.  Seriously, how cute is this advent calendar?
  • Amy has published her Gift for Quilters list.  Great for guild members or quilty friends.


  • Finding your niche.  Society of Salvage is amazing and I always find something in there that needs to be in my house.
  • Did you #optoutside?  Love what REI did for Black Friday.
  • It’s Small Business Saturday.  Who did you support??  Forbes reports that 88 million people shopped small in 2014.
  • Today I picked up a few items from the Hoosier Artisan Boutique, it’s an annual show after Thanksgiving.  I have been checking out a few vendors before hand.  How cute is this pillow?  It’s going to be perfect for my next project.  More details coming next week.  

burlap owl pillow by homeecqueen

General Awesomeness

drumstick dash 2015

We moved our feet on Thanksgiving so others could eat and helped raise $1 million for a local mission.

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