Range Quilt – Swiss Mountains

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

Getting an email about creating a baby quilt is exciting and nerve wracking.  Will my design meet their vision?  Oh, man I hope  they like it.  Sometimes it just comes together.  Range Quilt – Swiss Mountains does just that.

A recipient of my quilts emailed to ask for a custom creation for a family member.  Sure.  Tell me more about them.  She went on to describe the couple as outdoor lovers and noted they got married in the Swiss Mountains.  As we chatted through email I was envisioning a quilt that I had admired before.  Range Quilt by Modern Handcraft.

Range Quilt PDF Pattern

Well she loved it and we added a custom touch.  The Swiss flag on the back.  Perfection.  Thanks to Fabric Shack for having all of the Kona colors in stock.  They had super fast shipping as well.

To make a baby sized quilt, I shrunk the pattern down 75%.  It worked great.  I was so nervous to cut into the fabric and make this since I was altering the pattern.

Quilt top

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I was able to snap this photo during a recent snowstorm.  We have had so much snow and rain that it’s made it hard to get good photos.

Tip on this quilt is to use starch since the pattern has a number of seams.  Overall the pattern comes together quickly and is written well.

The Finished Product

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

For quilting I wanted to highlight the movement within the pattern.  I used coordinating thread colors and straight line quilted the design.  This was quite the shoulder workout.  Ha!  Completely worth the extra effort.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I took a risk with the white binding but couldn’t think of what would go with the rest of the quilt.  It’s a great frame.  Check out the back with the Swiss flag.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains

I hope this baby gets lots of snuggles on the quilt.

Range Quilt - Swiss Mountains


This is baby quilt 6/40 with my goal for 2018.

The April Project – Part One

Spring should be in the air, instead there is a prediction of snow for Indianapolis on April 1st.  It’s not an April Fool’s Day prank.  Seems to be unfortunate.   It’s also a good time to write and share what is coming up on the blog.  Also my main machine is spending some time at the spa.  The tension has been off for a while and I was over dealing with it.

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This will be a special project that I have been wanting to do for years.  My wonderfully talent hair stylist kept her dad’s ties after his death.  The collection is large and they roll up nicely into a tub.  Various patterns and colors tell a story of her dad’s collection.

The tie pillow I made a few years ago inspired our discussion.

upcycled pillow, tie pillow, repurposed tie, recycling project upcycled pillow, tie pillow, repurposed tie, recycling project

She was finally ready to create something from these.  Over the last couple of months I have been taking apart ties.  Any guess what quilt pattern I’m going to be using with these?

I’m turning to my favorite book, Paper Pieced Modern by Amy Garro.  Tied Down quilt is beautiful and will showcase these ties in a lovely manner.  The background fabric will be a chambray or linen.  A shirting fabric will be soft and round out the look.

FFMQAL: Presenting the “Tied Down” Quilt!

Follow along with me this month as I create this memory quilt.  I’m so thrilled to make something practical that won’t just be sitting in a tub.

Quilts Bind Us Together

Making new friends as an adult is not easy.  However, having a common interest makes it much smoother.  Helping start the Indy Modern Quilt Guild was one of the best decisions I ever made.

When I’m at guild meetings or around these women I feel at ease.  They get my quirkiness about fabric, design, and know the language.  It’s a different type of support that I get from other friends in my life.  Maybe it’s acceptance?

Some of my closest friends are quilters.  Over the last five to eight years we have grown from barely knowing each other to being great friends.  These women who were once just guild members with me have left an impact on me.  We have supported each other through births, losses, new homes, weddings, and life in general.

This is an old picture of us from 2014.

Recently life threw a rough patch my way.  You may have noticed the blog and my social media has been quiet.  Everything is fine now and I don’t plan to share more than that.   It was nice to see texts from them to just be there if I needed it.  Hell, someone brought me tacos and it made my afternoon.

Luckily, I had a quilt that Rachael had gifted me.  Do you see all this NEPTUNE?  It was just sitting in her pile of quilts and she didn’t use it.  That is friendship.

If you don’t belong to a quilt guild, you should consider it.  Where else can you want into a room of people and they get you.  They understand that you love this designer, hate this line, won’t try this, etc.  My guild is pretty awesome at being your cheerleader when you’re stuck too.  Try it, you may just find some new friends too.

Bonus if they share their scraps and life with you.

My Crazy Sewing Goal for 2018

When I started planning for 2018, I knew immediately what I wanted my word to be.  Confidence, the one area I was really struggling with personally and professionally.

However, writing out my other goals for 2018 haven’t been as easy.  March seems like a good time to share what I’ve been pondering over the last few months.  What could I do this year that would really challenge me and encourage some stash management?

I had been aiming for one baby quilt per week during 2018.  Then life hit and I realized that goal wasn’t realistic.  Funny, I found this post below right about the time I was rethinking the goal.

I fell off the wagon

My new goal is 40 baby quilts in 2018.  Allows some flexibility with life, but more importantly challenges me to use what I have.  Bring on the scraps and stash to make this goal happen.

Also, if you’re drowning in scraps I will gladly take them.  Hint hint.

Gorgeous Grannies made for #5 out of 40.  I have a few more in the works.

2018 sewing goal, 2018 goal, sewing goal

Gorgeous Granny Squares – Finished

Granny square quilt, modern baby quilt, modern design, modern nursery decor, scrap quilt, jewel tone colors

Welcome back readers.  Thank you for your kind words on the quilt top post.  These Granny Squares are just GORGEOUS!  Am I right?  Blanche Devereaux, well this version, is ready for her introduction to the world.

Granny square quilt, modern baby quilt, modern design, modern nursery decor, scrap quilt, jewel tone colors

Let me tell you a little about finishing this quilt.  I rushed to quilt this one and paid the price.  TWICE! I started quilting the first time and my tension was off.  It appears little hands may have turned a knob on my machine and I didn’t realize it.  I turned my tension down and then down some more.  Then when I thought I had it right, I ripped out all the stitching to start fresh.

Then the tension still wasn’t right.  A second pass a quilting and it was off.  After getting pissed off, I walked away from this project for a couple of days.  I put it in time out.

I came back and the quilting went smoothly.  Thank goodness as I really didn’t want to straight line quilt this one.  This quilt gave me a bit of sass, much like Blanche.

Have you seen this fun quiz on Buzzfeed?  Take it and tell me in the comments which character you got.  I will tell you mine below.

Granny square quilt, modern baby quilt, modern design, modern nursery decor, scrap quilt, jewel tone colors


I bought around five yards of this Art Gallery print a few months ago.  I knew I had some girl quilts coming up that it could be perfect for.  Plus, it’s Art Gallery so it’s buttery soft.


This quilt is ready for it’s new home and can be found here on Etsy.  By the way I’m a Dorothy Zbornak.

2018 Baby Quilt Goal 5/40

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Gorgeous Granny: Fresh and Modern Granny Square Quilt

Granny square quilt, modern baby quilt, modern design, modern nursery decor, scrap quilt, jewel tone colors

Granny Squares are one of my favorite patterns outside of just patchwork.  It’s a staple in my designs.  This version is a bit darker and feels stormy.  You guys, these fabrics were all scraps and stash.

Sorting fabrics

Picking Fabrics

On Instagram a few weeks ago I saw someone destashing 2.5″ squares.  These are of course right up my alley.  Once the scraps arrived the idea for this quilt came to life.  The colors just spoke to me.  It did take some sorting and adding scraps to get just the right colors.

My goal was to make as many blocks as possible.  I had enough to make 31 blocks.  To help with speed, I set them up to able to chain piece the rows.

chain piecing quilt blocks

There was a slight panic as I was cutting into my light gray.  Was there going to be enough?  Not really, but I had some scraps to throw in.  That still wasn’t enough so an SOS went out to nearby quilters.  No one had any in stock so I had to trek to JoAnns on a Saturday afternoon to get more.  To my surprise it wasn’t an awful experience.  The store was packed and busy.  However, I walked right in to what I wanted and walked right back to the cutting counter.  There was some Kona Ash in the remnants bins as well.  BONUS!


Look at these blocks, they are gorgeous.

Hence the name Gorgeous Grannies.  This quilt will be named Blanche Devereaux in honor the wonderful character from the TV show, The Golden Girls.  You’re welcome for this.  Plus, I’ve been to a few Galentine’s Day events recently.  The show perfectly sums up celebrating the friendship of ladies.

This top is just too good.

I was worried the colors wouldn’t balance out as well in the top as they did.  Too bad I didn’t have more of these fabrics to make a bigger quilt to keep for myself.  Love the colors and fabrics in this top.  What do you think?