April Showers Series

Hang on because a baby quilt extravaganza is coming your way in the month of April.  There are a few quilts I haven’t shared over the last few months and a number in the works.  Baby Porter is excited to share this party with you too.

april showers

I have a go to pattern for most baby quilts, especially if I need one quickly.  The disappearing nine patch was my go to for a while.  While I haven’t made one in a while, it’s just a comfortable pattern.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, that you can just put right on and look perfect in.  I can totally rock a DS9P quilt effortlessly.

What pattern do you tend to use for baby quilts?  I would love to hear your comments below.

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt Finished

Hullabaloo Simple Charm Baby Quilt

Original Charming Plus Quilt

Mosaic Tiles Baby Boy Quilt

What Does the Fox Say?

Hello Luscious Quilt

4 Replies to “April Showers Series”

  1. I have no standard pattern for babies really but I always love log cabins particularly wonky.

  2. I tend to make something different every time, usually scrappy, and usually because I want to tryout the pattern. Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting donated blocks together, but often it’s something else. I’ve made some since the start of this year that I really like, and have a baby quilt tag on my blog. =) I loved scrolling down through yours, too.

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