2017…Year Of Growth

2017 is going to be very different for my family.  Over the last few months I have been quietly looking for a new job.  Before Christmas break I accepted an offer for a new role within a new company.  No longer will be I be working from home in the comfort of my yoga pants.

With that change I’m not sure how much time I will have to sew and create.  My goal is to stay within the leftover 2016 fabric budget.

As I mentioned in my prior post, I’m hoping it encourages me to focus on using what I have.  I was aghast at my collection of fabrics, unfinished projects, and scraps.  In the post Christmas sales, there were many temptations and shopping carts filled.  However, pushing place order made me nervous, adding more fabric isn’t necessary.

When it comes to creating there have been many ideas thrown around.  My phone is full of inspirational places and random things that sparked some creative ideas.  Hopefully, I’m able to create my own version of them in 2017.  Maybe some minis or or wall art options.

Rather than setting a yearly fitness goal, I want to focus on something monthly.  For January I want to get 25 days with 10,000+ steps.  Not sure what each month will look like yet, but with each month I will update a fitness goal and fabric budget.

I’m elated to focus on a fresh start, growth, and moving forward.

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  1. You did a great job sticking to your fabric budget goal! This year I’m hoping to do better! I need to sew up my stash!

  2. Despite good intentions, I spent far more on fabric last year than I should have. Like you, there is a LOT of fabric, scraps, blocks, and projects in my sewing room. While I doubt I’ll stay under $100 for the year, my goal is to sew primarily from what I have, use up some of the older stuff, and finish most of those projects!

    1. Thanks Anne, I did set parameters that I could add money from destashing fabrics or selling quilts to add to the budget. It’s not been easy. The $100 really helped me stay within my goal to use my stash, the extra parameter was key for my success. Good luck sewing up your stash.

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